You’re only as good as your last show

Posted on January 16, 2014

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After 30 years in the entertainment, music, production and non-profit event business, I know one thing: the more things change, the more they stay the same. All of these types of productions have one thing in common — customer satisfaction. This hasn’t changed in 30 years.

Bands, events and promoters have come and gone; those that have survived have figured out how to deliver show after show, night after night, event after event, year after year.

I have a saying that applies to everyone in the entertainment business, which includes concerts, fun runs, fundraising events, product launches, etc. “You’re only as good as your last show (event).” If a fundraising event has 5,000 people one year, but delivers a poorly run, unsafe experience, then the following year they might only have 1,500 people, or if an artist plays sold out shows but delivers a dark, subdued show, their next tour, despite an unbelievable stage show, might not sell out. Your last event will be what people use to measure where they want to spend their disposable income (yes, concerts, shows, sports, 5K runs, mud and obstacles runs, or walks all come from that same pot). People will say, “That was the best event/show ever! We have to do it again,” or “That was a great cause, but the event was horrible, let’s find something else next year.” You’re only as good as your last show.

The key is you need to keep delivering the best value every time. I have worked for 20+ years with one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever, AC/DC. Key to their success — value! They give people 120 minutes of entertainment, every night. They give the entire world the same show — with the greatest hits of songs and stage gags every night, not a reduced stage show because they are in Fargo. The same show, same gags as NY, London, Sydney and LA are going to be in Fargo. Their last show is always their best show, people come back year after year. They come back to see the cannons, or the bell, or Rosie … these are not new every tour but they are a buildup of the greatest stage hits from many years past.

We operate a series of mud and obstacle runs, MuckFest® MS, benefiting the National MS Society. As we enter into the second year with MuckFest MS, our team has spent endless hours looking at our “show.” We’ve asked ourselves the important questions: What is it people really like? What do they want for their investment in this event?

We know they want the best “Show” ever and our team aims to create the best event each and every time we unload our trucks. We want people to be impressed when they walk in the door and even more impressed when they walk out, year after year. We want them to experience their favorite obstacle from last year and be surprised by the new ones from this year’s show. We want them to walk away saying, “That was the best one yet! We have to come back next year!”

You’re only as good as your last show. Let us help you ACHIEVE IT!

Our President and co-founder, Tim Brockman brings more than 20 years in the event operations industry to Event 360 and in addition to leading the team that has planned and executed some of the country’s most successful fundraising events, he has managed events for international performing artists including Phil Collins, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and Genesis. 

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