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Posted on November 29, 2023

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By Mike Murphy 

Our Executive Vice President and Co-Owner Mike Murphy has an annual Thanksgiving tradition of imparting some words of wisdom with our team. Today, we’d like to share them with you. Read on!


It’s funny how age creeps up on you. Your mind tells you you’re as good at anything as you were at 30 (almost anything), but your ability to be proactive or react to much of anything changes, both mentally and physically. The morning list of things to accomplish on any given day gets a bit shorter. This is because it has to (and by the way, do yourself a favor and make that list every day). It’s because the list of things left over from yesterday keeps getting longer. Some days are made up completely of things you intended to do yesterday. You hope that you may have a little more time to get to the things you want to. After all, you’re smarter than you used to be. You’re more experienced and wiser (you hope). You know how to handle what’s important first, then relegate the rest further down the list. It only makes good sense that because you’re smarter, you should be able to cram more into a day than you used to be able to. But while you hope that is the case, often it’s not.  

At some point, you realize that the old adage “those that can no longer do, teach” becomes applicable to you. And you find that you want to teach. You don’t want those you love or work with to make the same mistakes you have. You want to pass along as much knowledge and wisdom as you can, because it gives them a leg up. You want everyone around you to be better at this age than you are yourself. You want to save those younger than yourself from difficulty. To help them prosper. You realize that the time for doing those things is getting thinner with every day, so you better teach them now. 

What you believe, absolutely know, when you’re young… that you have time on your side, becomes the first casualty of getting older. Like anything else, when you have plenty of something in stock it doesn’t hold a lot of value. There will always be time to insert activity here. But the fact is there is no replacement for time. I’ve said for years that the main assets we have as a business are boiled down to three things… people, time, and money. That you have less of one requires more of the other two. But you will also learn that without time, you can have all you want of the other two and still not succeed. Time is not a want, it’s a requirement. It’s why saying “touch it once” on event makes so much sense. It’s also the thing that, at times, you’d give anything to have more of. 

So, for the coming year, my advice is to think about being effective. 

  1. Make a list and keep to it the best you can.  
  2. Use the phone more. 
  3. Text less.  
  4. Be personal.  
  5. Email when you have to cover your butt, but make the deal with your voice.  

Above all, value your time and respect the time of others. Embrace and be thankful for the time you have with your friends and your family. Stay in touch with them. Be especially thankful for the experiences you get to keep when they begin to move on. Lastly, collect the gifts you can pass along to others as you get older. It’ll be important to those you pass them on to, and you. 

For this year, as always, I’m grateful for the love and support of my family. I’m seriously and all the more thankful for friends still here. I’ll always be grateful for the day Tim and I started working together and continue to be so. And I’m truly thankful for all of you. 

I hope you have an extremely happy and restful holiday season. 


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