Why These Teammate Fun Facts Make Us Better at our Jobs, Part 2

Posted on January 26, 2021

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Is anyone else itching to get back to live events? Until we can gather together in person, I feel invigorated to work virtually alongside a special group of people who bring unique and diverse experiences to the table. In our second installment (here’s a link in case you missed the first!), meet our resident Photographer, Active Committee Chair for her Sorority’s Local Alumnae Chapter, Amateur Travel Agent, Amateur Makeup Enthusiast, Northern Minnesota Amateur Explorer, “16” Softball Enthusiast, Co-facilitator of Pride Center West Texas’ LGBTQN+ Youth Group and Bible Study, and Executive Board Member for the Curling Club of Rochester.

I’m inspired by this team “showing up” for each other every day, and I hope you take a few minutes this week to look at the team around you—past the chat icons and social media profile pictures—and learn new things about your teammates and why those things make them better teammates, workers, and humans.


Cyrena Hillyard, Director, Creative Services

AKA: “Photographer”

From the small details to the big picture, photography helps me understand and see so many different aspects of our events and keep a critical eye on the work we do. Check out some of my work on Instagram at @cyrenakh.


Tisho Jessop, Fundraising and Support Coach

AKA: “Active Committee Chair for Sorority’s Local Alumnae Chapter”

I joined the Atlanta Chi Omega Alumnae Association as a way to meet people after moving to Atlanta four years ago. I quickly rediscovered the joy of sisterhood and having things in common with women I’d just met. Not long after joining, I was asked to accept a Membership Meeting Chair role (I mean, not a stretch for someone who works in event production, right?), and after two years in that role, I am now serving as the Supporting Our Sisters Chair, reaching out and sending cards to sisters who need a little encouragement. These roles pair perfectly with my role at Event 360 where I coach and encourage participants and help with event logistics.


Patrick Riley, Vice President of Accounts

AKA: “Amateur Travel Agent”

One of the reasons I love my job is the travel. New adventures, new food and new people go hand in hand with events. The part of making travel plans for myself that I enjoy most is the planning and research before I even step foot into a new place. Uncovering the history, finding the little unknown dive bar, and spending the time to find the nooks and crannies to explore while also preparing for transportation, local customs and a little language prep makes the experience last longer.


Jes Schneider, Human Resources Manager

AKA: “Amateur Makeup Enthusiast”

The principles of events and makeup artistry are similar—you start out with good intentions and an idea of how you envision an outcome. Ultimately though, there is a level of flexibility that is required. And if things don’t turn out the way you hoped, it is really okay (so long as you don’t leave the house), and you learn to give yourself a lot of grace.


Slade Thompson, Account Director

AKA: “Northern Minnesota Amateur Explorer”

I find joy in exploring new places, looking at things from a different perspective, and uncovering new ideas and opportunities in the least likely of places. And there is nothing like the joy of being surprised by finding a new treasure. So, I try to plant those surprises for participants to discover on event.


Matt Tremback, Controller

AKA: “16” Softball Enthusiast Specializing in Left Field and First Base”

Being part of a softball team and trusting a teammate to perform their job translates to the workplace quite nicely. You can offer guidance to a teammate but they must perform when the ball is hit to them or they’re up to bat. In the workplace, one has to trust their teammates, avoid micromanaging, and work together towards a common goal to be successful.


Bryan Wilson

AKA: “Co-facilitator of Pride Center West Texas’ LGBTQN+ Youth Group and Bible Study”

Staying connected to young folx and Christ Jesus keeps me focused on what matters most: love and relationships. Listening is more important than talking, but that is hard for loquacious folks like me! ️‍


Katie Zupancic Wymer, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing

AKA: “Executive Board Member for the Curling Club of Rochester”

When we moved to Minnesota, I wanted to dive right into the most Minnesotan things I could think of. After a lackluster attempt at cross-country skiing, catching one tiny fish during ice fishing, and falling into a snowbank while trying to snowshoe, the 2018 Winter Olympics introduced me to my new love, curling. After a year spent perfecting (HA!) my abilities, I joined the Executive Board to focus on expanding the Club’s footprint in Southeastern Minnesota and across the curling world. Since I joined the Board, we’ve hosted three bonspiels, built outdoor curling ice attracting thousands of new curlers to the sport, hosted 10+ “learn to curl” events, and expanded our seasonal league offering. Not only do I have a new, super-Minnesotan activity that fosters my competitive spirit and camaraderie with teammates, I get to flex different marketing, branding, and sponsorship muscles to introduce new people to this quirky sport.

Katie Zupancic Wymer

Katie Zupancic Wymer brings a strategic vision to event marketing and recruitment with a focus on peer-to-peer fundraising events. Through digital and traditional marketing strategies, she focuses on maximizing new participant acquisition and increasing returning participant retention for our partners.

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