What we’re grateful for: The power of support

Posted on November 23, 2022

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In the third installment of our gratitude series, we sit down with Bryan, our Field Marketing Coordinator, to learn how gratitude shows up in the form of support throughout his career and personal life.   

When did you start at Event 360?  

I started at Event 360 full-time in March, 2021.  

What did you do before joining Event 360? 

My husband and I owned a co-working space in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and were entrepreneur consultants. I also am the co-founder and acting director for Pride Center West Texas, a social services organization that supports LGTBQN+ community members in the Permian Basin of West Texas.  

What is your role at Event 360? 

I like to say that I build relationships for a living. My role is to work with the beneficiaries of AIDS Walk Atlanta and Florida AIDS Walk, a cause I care so much about. This includes board members, c-suite staff, employees, team captains, and key stakeholders. Basically, I provide support to them and their supporters who are fundraising. Funnily enough, years before starting at Event 360, I thought I would never work for a company ever again. I am very much a “start your own business and work for yourself person.” I did not expect to find a company that matched my personal values. Yet, after I joined Event 360, I feel so supported by my coworkers and grateful that I am so passionate about the work I do here. Seeing the way Event 360 fits into the plan for my husband, kids and me is so humbling.  

Looking back, what experiences are you most grateful for that help you in your career today? 

I joke that when I was 33, I was able to say I had 20 years of experience in non-profit business and 13 years in non-profit management. One of my first jobs ever was teaching a theatre class at a non-profit when I was 13. Within two years of starting that role, I became interim executive director for three months over the summer when I was just 16. Thankfully, I was never afraid because I knew that I had such great support from the board and my family. It was an amazing experience! More recently, during my time in Florida, I worked for the largest queer social services agency in South Florida. I was there for 7 years and was in a development role there doing grant writing, fundraising, community relations and events.  

Finally, co-founding my own non-profit, Pride Center West Texas, has been the most positive, beautiful and incredible experience of my life. In hindsight, I can see the dots connecting and leading me to where I am now.  

Do you have a specific moment in your career that you reflect on that made you grateful?  

Oh wow, so many. The memories that always make me feel the most grateful are the ones where I had the opportunity to make an impact and provide support. In my current role at Event 360, being able to build relationships and work with the beneficiaries of AIDS Walk Atlanta and Florida AIDS Walk means a lot to me. My role allows me to sit down and interact with small non-profits whom I would never have crossed paths with and create relationships that lift up some of the most marginalized community members.  

Speaking more tangibly, what event production tools are you most grateful for? 

Coffee, work gloves, and zip ties! 


Check back next week for the final installment of our gratitude series! 

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