What We Learned at P2P 2024!

Posted on March 1, 2024

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Last week, the Event 360 team traveled to Philadelphia for the highly anticipated Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference. As we indulged in Philly cheesesteaks and soaked up the rich history of this iconic city, we also had the pleasure of diving into the world of peer-to-peer fundraising alongside industry leaders. The conference was a whirlwind of inspiration and innovation, leaving us feeling energized to take on the upcoming year! Read on to hear our takeaways. 

My biggest takeaway is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for planning and executing a successful peer-to-peer fundraising event. Keeping your organization’s missions and values at the forefront of what you do and why you do it is critical to participant buy-in, and it’s what will keep people coming back and fundraising for you year after year. Additionally, leaning into the “why” behind the details will often reveal unique and meaningful moments, creating experiences that truly touch people. And don’t be afraid to change things up! As your community evolves, your programming will need to evolve with it. Create genuine connections with your participants and show them how the work they do impacts your mission: people who care more, raise more. ―Jaime Mottinger, Account Manager 

The 2024 word of the year? Challenge. From fundraising to recruitment, a lot of organizations implemented challenges into their plans for the 2023 event season. But don’t just announce a challenge; you have to make it fun! Use memes, create short-form videos, utilize different channels, and find an influencer or ambassador who can help spread the word. Whether it’s a challenge for your entire community or within a targeted group like a corporate team, it can have a big impact. Tiffany Mangum, Travel Coordinator 

One of my favorite workshops I attended was focused on event safety protocols and crisis plans. As we’ve learned from the surprises and developments that have affected our world and events in the past few years, developing, training for, and using a great event crisis plan is essential to the safety and success of any event. As this session highlighted, it is important nowadays to not just update the crisis plan and store it away in your event files, but to dig into it and ensure that you’ve got all your bases covered and make certain it reflects the most up-to-date issues and potentialities. Spending the time and money to train on these plans with event staff beforehand is invaluable. Having pre-drafted emergency email drafts that can readily be updated and used in a moment’s notice is vitally important. Lastly, my most memorable quote from the conference is from a session on Innovation: “Everything we know now is simply an approximation of what we have yet to discover.” ―Rene Tamayo, Event Tour Manager 

My top takeaways come from a great session I attended that discussed how creating shared KPIs with both the development and marketing teams can lead to more unified awareness and better mission campaigns that also drive event growth and fundraising. Also, in this digital age, keeping your event taglines, images and colors consistent across all channels is key for making sure people know it’s your event, no matter how they find you. Abbie Peterson, Marketing and Social Media Manager 

I was reminded of the RICE Prioritization Framework (Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort) during a great session led by Robyn Mendez from City of Hope that’s useful for making strategy decisions when there are multiple variables. In the P2P fundraising event industry, it’s easy to stretch yourself and your team too thin. By leveraging this framework, you can pinpoint key areas of focus and craft a tailored strategy with confidence. ―Patrick Riley, SVP of Accounts 

We’re definitely keeping these tips in our back pocket as we head into the 2024 event season. Here’s to another year of doing GOOD. 

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