You’ve seen our Event 360 Teammate Spotlights, now it’s time for you to meet some of our team360 staffers. They’re an incredible group of people who live and breathe peer-to-peer fundraising events right alongside us. Without this team, we couldn’t produce the 100+ events on our roster each year. To kick us off, meet longtime staffer, Serena Clark! 

How did you find out about team360? 

While volunteering at the Atlanta 3 Day, a full-time staff member asked if I’d like to work the San Diego 3-Day later that year. I was thrilled — I’d do this for free, so it was an easy YES! 

What sparked your interest in signing up? 

I volunteered for the 3-Day for several years in Atlanta and always wanted to be considered for a staff position. The positive attitudes I’d encountered from everyone on staff was something I’d never seen before. Everyone was hard working and took pride in everything they did. I wanted to be a part of that team! 

How many events have you worked with team360? 

I’ve lost count, but maybe close to 20. And I am so excited to add to that number this year. 

What are your favorite things about working on team360? 

I have had the pleasure to work under the guidance of some pretty amazing women. They are strong, fearless and know how to get the job done! I am inspired by the hard work they exhibit and try to match their energy at every opportunity! 

What would you say to someone interested in learning more about joining but hesitant?  

Just do it! You will have all the support you need, and you will be proud of the work you’ve done to support amazing causes. 

Three words to describe team360? 

Fun, Purpose-driven, Intentional 

Have you learned any new skills?  

Yes — I am now a professional zip tier and snipper! LOL! I can hang a banner in record time 🙂


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