The Next Big Thing

After the year we’ve all endured, it feels so nice to be focusing on the future, doesn’t it? Here at Event 360, we’ve got two in-person events under our belts with the Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival and the 5x5K FOR GOOD Dallas and are solidifying more…

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A Virtual Office is Our Reality

By Devin Trezise If there’s anything we’ve learned from working at Event 360, it’s that on-event communication is crucial. But what about our virtual communication when we aren’t face-to-face? Since roughly 90% of our workforce is either on the road or working remotely, Event 360 employees… Read More

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Turning Event Participants into Event Fundraisers

Are you struggling to turn your event participants into fundraisers? During this on-demand webinar, Event 360’s Jeff Shuck and Blackbaud’s Amy Braiterman answer your questions about converting more of your event participants into fundraisers. Ever wonder which participants are more likely to fundraise than others, what strategies work…

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Webinar Archive: Event Check-In & Registration Tips

Participant check-in and registration are the welcome mat for every fundraising event. This first contact with your event participants is your opportunity to set the tone for their entire event experience and to integrate your organization’s mission. This webinar covers how to: Streamline your event logistics Create great participant service……

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By Abbie Peterson  

Whether you love it or hate it,…

Event 360 Teammate Spotlight

Today, our Teammate Spotlightshares the life and mind of our Purchasing…

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month: MMRF Spotlight

By Lindsay Griffin and Jesse W. McDaniel

This March, we’re proud to highlight…

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