Bam! And you’re up!

By Dave Kramer Time to get out of bed, find that quick boost of caffeine and put on the clothes you set aside last night ― it’s event day and you’re headed to your site. It is 3:30 a.m. on Saturday after all, you wouldn’t want to be late, would……

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Capitalize on Volunteer Strengths

Written by Ann Love Apart from working on the Susan G. Komen Michigan 3-Day, I have helped organize a walk in my own community for a cause that’s close to my heart, preeclampsia. Through both of these experiences, I’ve learned a few things about the importance of working with…

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Five Things I Learned from Summer Camp

Written by Jane Kramer It’s raining. Again. Complete with thunder and lightning this time, which means we’re staying inside. The noise generated by hundreds of people crammed into one space is tremendous, made more frantic by the restlessness setting in. All I’m thinking as I watch the buckets pour from……

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Helping Your Volunteer Committee Help You

Written by Lauren Pike As we learned from The Greater New England Chapter of the MS Society in April, the biggest advocates for your event can often be found on your board or volunteer committee. These people are dedicated to your cause and are genuinely excited to help your…

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Baby Boomer Volunteers

Written by Kiki Setterlund I think about volunteers. A lot. As a Crew & Volunteer Coordinator for the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day, it’s my job to recruit, organize, train and work alongside roughly 300 – 400 volunteers at any given time to put on a successful event. As I……

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Happy Thanksgiving from Event 360

As my friend and colleague Ali said, it’s a heartwarming coincidence that Event 360’s event season wraps up so close to Thanksgiving. It gives us a perfect opportunity to share just a few of the things we’re most grateful for this year which includes: Having the privilege to execute 23……

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Four Elements to Successfully Manage Volunteers

Volunteers are always first to think of themselves last. In my time working events, I’ve found that if you take care of these special constituents, who are graciously donating their time, they’ll take care of your participants. It’s as simple as that. By treating your volunteers right, you’ll have a……

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Roll Out the Red Carpet for your New Volunteers

For nonprofit organizations, great volunteers are critical. Volunteers serve as your voice, your reach, and are essential in accomplishing your goals and mission. In for profit organizations, paid staff complete the tasks and keep items moving along. For nonprofits, this role is most often filled by volunteers. Your volunteers take……

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