Managing an Aging Volunteer Population

By Robin Shapiro Event work is tough! Lifting cases of water, putting up pop-ups, long hours on your feet―often in direct sunlight or pouring rain―can take its toll on your event staff and volunteers alike. If you are like us, you have loyal volunteers who have served with you for……

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The Event 360 Impact by the Numbers

By Tim Brockman As we quickly approach the beginning of the 2017 event season, my travel quickly starts to increase, which requires lots of time in airports, hotels and on planes. Inevitably, maybe because of my size, people always want to know, “what do you do?” Most I…

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Retaining Volunteers

Retaining volunteers is one of the most important aspects of executing a successful event year after year. It is the dedication of returning volunteers that helps us pave the way to our end result of happy participants.  Here are few ways to help communicate and engage with volunteers in order……

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Unleash the Power of Your Thank You Note

By Molly Fast 

More than a decade ago, I wrote

Great People, Big Impact!

2023 has already proven to be a big year for Event 360. From having…

Where in the World is Event 360? (Again!)

The excitement is palpable as we gear up for Pancreatic Cancer…

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