Throwback Thursday with Event 360

Through the years, we have covered a vast array of topics on our Event 360 Corp Blog, giving our followers the kind of advice that can lead to safer, more successful and efficient events that leave your participants happy. In case you’ve missed any of that great content, we…

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Lessons Learned in 2015

How is it already February?! At the risk of sounding cliché, time does fly. While many are rightfully celebrating the rewards of 2015, it’s also important to take a moment and regroup from the challenges of the past year. In the same way we celebrate our successes, we learn a……

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The Importance of Sound on your Event

By Mike Murphy After 30 plus years in the music and event business, I have some pet peeves when it comes to what I hear and see. They are the things that tell me you care about me when I’m at your event. I like clean, tight, secure banners and easy-to-read……

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True Valor Meets All Events Alike

Written by Kat Thomas, Rick Winquest and Slade Thompson If you’ve ever been a part of producing an event on the National Mall in Washington DC, you know that it is more than a little complicated. There are strict guidelines about what can and cannot be done, which areas are……

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More Lessons Learned in 2014

On Tuesday we shared lessons learned from four of my Event 360 colleagues. Today I’m sharing one more from David Jordan, our Director of Information Services. What David shared is a lesson learned that, at one point or another, we all find ourselves having to learn. Maybe not directly,…

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Lessons Learned in 2014

Although we’re well into February (when did that happen?!), I can’t stop thinking about what went down in 2014. I had a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding year, as I found myself staffing events in a capacity in which I hadn’t done in a really, really long time. The randomness that……

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