The Evolution of Recruitment and Retention

By Rachel Gans Kemp The peer-to-peer fundraising event world we now live in is about engagement and community — so much so that even using the words recruitment and retention feels antiquated. It is not just about getting bodies to your events and then hoping that they will come back……

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5 Things I Love About Hustle

By Suzanne Mooney Waiting by the phone and hoping it will ring is no longer an activity reserved for starry-eyed romantics in the throes of a budding romance. Hardy souls on the front lines of peer-to-peer fundraising events across the country are doing a lot of waiting and hoping by……

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Give ‘Em a Reason

By Casey S. Campbell Happy client? Check. Happy participants? Check. Happy staff? Check. Happy camera crew running endlessly around the event course capturing 10-20 pictures per participant for all 4,000 participants and then organizing the pictures into folders so that the marketing team can easily find… Read More

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Beyond Tables, Tents, Chairs and Permits

I’m planning an event and this time it’s not for work: I’m getting married. It’s a little surreal to undertake a production within my own life because I’m experiencing what it’s like to be on the other side of the equation. What’s been most surprising to me is how many……

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Fundraising Minimums: What Are You Afraid Of?

Next month, I’ll be participating in a new-to-me fundraising event that doesn’t require, or seem to encourage, participants to raise a certain amount of money. There’s no fundraising minimum or goal. No registration fee. It’s a little like visiting a foreign country—I’ve never participated in an event of this nature. ……

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AIDS Run & Walk Chicago: Awareness to Fundraising

Here at Event 360 we like talking about fundraising. I mean, we really like talking about fundraising. And we especially like talking about fundraising with organizations run by passionate people who are dedicated to making the world a better place. Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of……

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What I Learned from P&G's Olympics Commercial

Of the hundreds of commercials I’ve seen during the Olympics, one of my favorites is Procter & Gamble’s “Best Job.”  Not only is it a tearjerker, but it also carries a valuable lesson for those of us in event fundraising. [code] In case you haven’t seen it, “Best Job” starts……

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