The ABC’s of Live Events

By Joann Collins As we get back to the world of in-person live events after a year and a half of living in the virtual world, it might be a good time to remind ourselves of the basics. And what better way to get back to basics than our ABC’s.…

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Irish Proverbs for Event Professionals

By Joann Buckley Collins As someone with Irish ancestors on both sides (plus among my in-laws, if you couldn’t tell by my two Irish last names), I’ve heard a proverb or two that was meant to make sense of the world in some pithy way. Looking down the list on……

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Happy 18th Birthday, Event 360!

Happy birthday, mighty Event 360! As we approach our 18th birthday on November 27th, we’re excited to take a moment and reflect on this special place that so many have called “home” since its founding in 2002. Not many small businesses reach the “old enough to vote” milestone, and our……

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One Week Until Event Day

We are thrilled to share that we are one week away from event day. Event day. EVENT DAY. Something we were not sure would ever get to happen in 2020. Our hearts and minds are racing with the adrenaline that only a live, in-person event can bring. In this…

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Collaboration Drives Innovation: Rethinking Events

Our Collaboration Drives Innovation series aims to provide help and advice specific to this unique moment in time. So far we’ve tackled working from home and participant coaching. This week, Account Director Janelle Benuska, shares what she has learned about rescheduling and reinventing events. “Plans are of little…

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Building A Great Team!

By Rene Tamayo Last month, our event team completed the final Susan G. Komen 3-Day of the 2019 season. As always at the end of an event season, it provides a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished and evaluate what contributed to the success… Read More

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Don’t Rain on My Parade…or My Event!

By Rene Tamayo Weather, whether good or bad, plays a major role in determining how successful your event will be. When weather is perfect, it almost seems like nothing can go wrong —everything falls into place and we can focus on giving participants a wonderful time doing good for their……

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Keeping Your Events Clean & Green

By Cheryl Stern With Earth Day 2019 coming up in less than a week, it’s a great time to reflect on how we, as event professionals, can do our part to keep our events as green as possible. At Event 360, our motto while we’re out in the field has……

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Special Circumstances on Event

By Jake Geiger Over the years, we’ve dealt with a plethora of special circumstances on event. This past year was no exception. We added some new ones to the archive and were also visited by some old friends, the uninvited kind. Here is one of our favorites from 2018. I……

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The ABC’s of Live Events

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As we get back to the world of in-person live events after…

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