Why Your Call-To-Action is Critical

By Katie Zupancic Wymer “Click Here” might not seem like an overly important phrase. However, when you look at your marketing efforts, all of your hard work and your budget ultimately depend on the success of one final phrase: your CTA, which stands for call-to-action. Your call-to-action is the…

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Stories Inspire Action

It occurred to me the other day- probably after I was making my 3rd or 4th donation to the very same friend (and cause that she supports)- that we, as event fundraisers, place a lot of emphasis on making sure our emails are perfectly crafted to motivate our participants. That……

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Back To The Basics: Building Relationships

I’m happy to speak to a topic that’s critical to the work I do (and I’d say is critical to the work you do as well!): building relationships. One of the greatest opportunities and responsibilities we have as event fundraisers is based in the relationships we build and the time……

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Are fundraisers too obsessed by technique?

There is a certain distinctiveness to the many telefundraising calls and direct mail pieces I’ve received this holiday season–each caller and mailer seems to think they are the only person asking me for a donation this month; the only person offering me a prized tax deduction. Adrian Sargeant, a professor……

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Event Fundraising Benchmarks

Convio has released its annual Peer-to-Peer Event Fundraising Benchmark Study of 48 different nonprofits and more than 1,800 fundraising events which utilize Convio TeamRaiser. Collectively these organizations raised more than $1 billion through event fundraising in 2010. The key takeaways for event fundraisers are… Read More

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What Event Fundraisers Can Learn from Lady Gaga

The most successful marketer in the world doesn’t work for Apple, Starbucks, or charity: water.  She works for herself (and her fans).  Love her or hate her, it’s Lady Gaga.  With nearly 11 million Twitter followers, 38 million Facebook fans, over 1 billion YouTube views, and a net worth of……

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