Resources to Up Your Event Marketing Savvy

When you’re planning the marketing phase of your event, are you always looking for new tips and tricks to spur your creativity? I am constantly Googling for something to provide that spark, or explain that gut feeling I have about why something is great or needs that little extra step.…

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A Virtual Office is Our Reality

By Devin Trezise If there’s anything we’ve learned from working at Event 360, it’s that on-event communication is crucial. But what about our virtual communication when we aren’t face-to-face? Since roughly 90% of our workforce is either on the road or working remotely, Event 360 employees… Read More

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Your out of office reply email stinks!

I have a secret: I actually read your automatic out-of-the-office reply emails. And they stink. As event fundraisers, we are in the impact and experience business, but you wouldn’t know it from these seemingly innocuous automated email messages. But a few weeks ago, one actually made me smile: Alright boys……

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Zip ties found in our junk drawers. Creating a run of show for mundane daily…

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Like so many event professionals, I have spent less time flying in the past year…

Irish Proverbs for Event Professionals

By Joann Buckley Collins

As someone with Irish ancestors on both sides (plus among my…

2021: The Year of Transition

At last week’s P2P Conference, I spoke with great enthusiasm about the Return to Live…

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