Happy 18th Birthday, Event 360!

Happy birthday, mighty Event 360! As we approach our 18th birthday on November 27th, we’re excited to take a moment and reflect on this special place that so many have called “home” since its founding in 2002. Not many small businesses reach the “old enough to vote” milestone, and our……

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Back to Basics

This weekend was the annual “Scouting for Food” drive here in Rhode Island. If you don’t have this program in your hometown, it’s a food drive organized by local Boy Scout troops. In my area, it has collected more than 7.8 million pounds of food over the past 25 years.…

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How are you saying thank you?

A simple thank you can go a long way towards making your day better, but that nicety can also translate into positive results in fundraising and mobilisation work. Maybe we send a form letter. Or maybe we figure “they gave us time or money so they care and will stick……

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4 Ways to Encourage Self Donations

When the American Diabetes Association made the decision to focus on promoting self donations in their 2011 Tour de Cure fundraising campaign, they increased the number of participants contributing to thier own fundraising efforts from 2% in 2010 to more than 37% in 2011. There is no doubt this… Read More

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When Stewardship Becomes Collections

I recently had an interesting – and thought-provoking, and ultimately disappointing – set of interactions with a large nonprofit. The name of the specific institution is not important for the story, but suffice it to say that it has played an important role in my life and I’ve always felt……

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What I Learned from P&G's Olympics Commercial

Of the hundreds of commercials I’ve seen during the Olympics, one of my favorites is Procter & Gamble’s “Best Job.”  Not only is it a tearjerker, but it also carries a valuable lesson for those of us in event fundraising. [code] In case you haven’t seen it, “Best Job” starts……

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Eureka! Mining For Gold Through Post-Event Engagement

As our long-time readers know, Event 360 strongly believes events are a means to an end. We always recommend moving beyond attendance as a measurement of success and into deeper performance-based metrics. Focusing on the ongoing performance of participants will allow you to realize the potential of engaging participants beyond……

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