By Molly Fast

It’s the end of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® event season and I’m back in my home office, with my usual post-season cold. Sniffles aside, I have a very, very full heart from all the experiences I shared with my co-workers and the amazing participants that make up the Komen 3-Day community.

For those of you who need a quick recap, here’s what the 3-Day® season looked like:
Michigan – August 5 – 7, 600 walkers, 300 crew and $1.6 million raised
Twin Cities – August 19 – 21, 500 walkers, 200 crew and $1.4 million raised
Seattle – September 16 – 18, 600 walkers, 200 crew and $1.8 million raised
Atlanta – October 7 – 9, 600 walkers, 225 crew and $1.7 million raised
Philadelphia – October 14 – 16, 750 walkers, 275 crew and $2.1 million raised
Dallas/Fort Worth – November 4 – 7, 900 walkers, 300 crew and $2.4 million raised
San Diego – November 18 – 20, 2,600 walkers, 350 crew and $7.6 million raised

The Event 360 team zip-zagged across the country and had an opportunity to share the 3-Day with thousands of participants and their friends, family and supporters all while working towards a world without breast cancer. From thunderstorms to fire ants to thousands of zip ties, it was a classic demonstration of how event life keeps you on your toes, but we all put our heads and hearts together to bring our participants and clients a joyful, memorable event.

Speaking of joyful and memorable, this year we celebrated the 3-Day’s 150th event. While the 150th event was the first of the season – in Michigan in August – we kept the party going all year long. From specially-branded bubbs, to cupcakes, to museums, we had a wonderful time celebrating this amazing accomplishment with every 3-Day participant this year.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in executing our 2016 3-Day season. To our partners and vendors, you helped ensure everything ran smoothly. To our staff, you raised the bar yet again. To our participants (walkers, crew, volunteers, and donors), you reminded us every day why we do this and how lucky we are to get to do it! Because of you, we know that we’re now officially 21 days and 420 miles closer to the end of breast cancer forever.

As we get ready to unpack our 3-Day belongings for the next eight months, we do so with a grateful heart and enough memories to keep us going until we get to do it all over again in 2017!

Molly Fast co-leads the company’s local operations for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day series and is privileged to work with Event 360’s participant-facing team. For over a decade, Molly has been fortunate enough to combine her love of people with the ability to make a difference in the work she does focusing on exceeding expectations and delighting participants along the way. When not roaming around Ireland, Molly can be found taking photos or talking to strangers in Santa Monica where she lives with her husband and their black lab, Clancy. You can find Molly on Google+TwitterLinkedIn and her favorite social media tool, Instagram.

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