By Jake Geiger

After much anticipation, this past fall we were finally back out on the road with our friends at Shatterproof. It has been three years since they last produced their Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction Walk Series, which consisted of seven events, and 2022 marked their long-awaited return. Through their work of transforming addiction treatment, ending addiction stigma and educating and empowering communities, Shatterproof works tirelessly to help the 22 million Americans afflicted by addiction.  Because of this, we were eager to relaunch this series post-COVID because of the friends, families, and communities that this event supports and brings together. Despite pandemic interference, this passion remained unchanged! Shatterproof is dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States, and all of us here at Event 360 stand squarely behind supporting their mission. We hit the ground running in September, starting with Chicago. Over the next two months, we toured through Boston, Washington, D.C., New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas, before wrapping up in Los Angeles on November 19th 

However, before we could get back into the swing of things, we had to dust off all the equipment in storage and prepare it for transport. Due to supply chain challenges that all industries have faced, we engineered backup plans to our backup plans just in case materials didn’t show up on time. As always, our team was positioned to think 10 steps ahead, see the unforeseen, prepare for the unpreparable, and really leaned into our vendor and jurisdictional relationships to make sure everything went smoothly. Once on the road, we came face to face with a bit of everything! Hurricane winds in Boston, an overnight build in NYC, and drenching showers in Dallas. That being said, it should come as no surprise that we wrapped up the series with a perfect event in Los Angeles. Through it all, Event 360 and Shatterproof worked hand in hand to deliver superior experiences for our tireless walkers. 

Given the 7,000 participants and more than $2 million raised, the season was a fantastic return to form. We are so thankful and fortunate to be partners with Shatterproof in their important work, and we’re already gearing up for an even bigger and better 2023. Our gear is tucked away again for the winter, and the team is taking a beat to catch our breath, but we’ll be back soon.  

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Jake Geiger
In his 18 years with Event 360, Jake Geiger has delivered exceptional event experiences from the planning phase all the way through to implementation. Specializing in complex event operations, Jake also works with local sites, jurisdictions, EMS, police and fire to ensure our sites and safety planning are top notch.


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