Introducing 360live+

360live+ combines our innovation expertise with our deep operational know-how to elevate your P2P program. We work hand-in-hand with your team to create a more engaging program experience and produce better fundraising outcomes. We help you integrate and introduce the best innovations from the past year, including frictionless contact, hybrid tech platforms, and community engagement strategies AND help you reduce the risks associated with accelerated change, changing safety guidelines and governance, and limited staffing resources.


Ensure the safety of your participants with a comprehensive safety audit, revised protocol, and focused strategies and systems that lower risk, enable contactless transactions and enhance safety measures.


Innovate and enhance your P2P participant experience by creating an exciting new layer of community engagement, challenges, and event programming to increase lifetime value, connect to your mission and raise fundraising performance.


Improve your P2P contact, communication flow, and tech onboarding to reduce frustration, increase satisfaction and improve customer experience. Recalibrate your fundraising and programming communication elements to convert and retain participants.


Augment your health and safety team and event operations with event expertise, and certified wellness and emergency staff.