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Posted on January 14, 2021

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When you’re planning the marketing phase of your event, are you always looking for new tips and tricks to spur your creativity? I am constantly Googling for something to provide that spark, or explain that gut feeling I have about why something is great or needs that little extra step. So, here are a few of my favorite sites I use constantly.

We all learn from each other every day. I hope with this list we can provide you some inspiration.


Use these resources to develop your own design sensibilities, whether you’re contributing your input on someone else’s work or trying your own hand at design.



A great photo can make or break your ad or social post. Don’t have good photos of your own event? Here are several sources of great photography.

  • Unsplash: The internet’s source of freely-usable images.
  • Death to Stock: Death to Stock is an Artist Owned Co-op that provides you with the freshest authentic stock photos and videos; with unlimited downloads and new work added every month.
  • Snappr: Amazing photographers, at your fingertips. Snappr is the most popular on-demand photography network in the world.
  • Offset by Shutterstock: Images you’ll want to use. Royalty-free so you can. Authentic imagery by award-winning artists.
  • FreePik: Graphic resources for everyone. Find Free Vectors, Stock Photos and PSD.
  • Adobe Stock: Find the perfect stock asset for your next creative project
  • Bay Photo: The Print Lab Photographers Trust


Swag and Merch
Branded materials can serve as both promotion for your event and reward incentives for your participants. Don’t underestimate the power of a cool pin!

  • Sticker Mule: Custom stickers that kick ass
  • Amplifier: Ecommerce Order Fulfillment. Third-Party Logistics Made Easy. Signup and Start Today.
  • Pure Buttons: Easy and affordable way to create custom pins.


Know what you’re talking about in every marketing meeting. These sources will help give you the knowledge you need. This is definitely not an exhaustive list. We could spend all day finding and getting excited about new info out there.


Event 360 Resources

As an example of some of the knowledge and information we love to share, here is a selection of some of our past blog posts that may be useful.


If you need some extra help, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to provide input or just chat. Did you know we offer free consulting sessions? And, it doesn’t have to be about how to plan sites in the times of COVID or what weekend is the only weekend in the Fall no one else is planning an event (if you’ve figured it out, we’d love to know!). We’re here to talk with you about that Facebook post that has great copy and no visual or that great image you found but can’t quite find the right words for. Or how to spin that fundraising ask for both current participants and past participants.

Cyrena Hillyard

Cyrena is the Director, Creative Services and has been with Event 360 for 16 years. Her current and past experience covers everything from brand management, program development, participant experience planning, and creative collateral. She oversees our creative team who provides copywriting, design, program management, website build and maintenance, and much more. On an event, you might see her bringing her obsessive detail-oriented skills to bear as a signage manager.

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