When planning an event, most people think about the fun stuff first: Decorations, music, ceremony, speeches, T-shirt designs. But it’s the unglamorous stuff that can make or break your participant experience – such as, are there enough toilets? For more than 15 years, United Site Services, which provides portable toilets, restroom trailers and fencing rentals for events nationwide, has been a valued partner on our events. We talked to National Sales Manager Rollin Kay about the work we’ve done together. You can also learn more about them at www.unitedsiteservices.com/.


Do you have a personal connection with the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®?
Like so many of us, I do. We have all had our lives impacted by our friends and family that battle with breast cancer. My Grandmother, Aunt and Cousin have all had breast cancer.

Tell us your favorite aspect of the event.
I LOVE to be present at the Opening Ceremony and at camp. These two locations are the busiest for us and require the most attention. We are always making sure the restrooms are clean and fully stocked with toilet paper. The energy and the environment of the Opening Ceremony always gives me chills. I constantly say in life that, “It only gets better” and I feel that at the start of each event.

Have you or someone close to you, ever participated in the Komen 3-Day event?
If yes, tell us more about your/their experience? My close cousins and extended family have all participated in the Chicago 3-Day. My Sister-in-Law participated in the Boston 3-Day. They loved it from start to finish and enjoyed the VIP experience they received from knowing the toilet guy – ah ha! I have always wanted to ride my bike in the event as a volunteer and will make certain that I accomplish that in the near future.

How do you think your service contributes to the overall success and a meaningful experience for our participants?
The services we provide, including portable restrooms, hand wash sinks, temporary fencing, and roll off dumpsters, are extremely important to the overall success of any outdoor event to ensure the comfort of participants, guests and volunteers. Our services are very much part of the event’s background and we strive to maintain clean restroom facilities throughout the event. We pride ourselves through transparent success, making sure everything on our side is taken care of from start to finish. Studies have shown that if we provide the right number of restrooms and keep them clean, people will stay longer at events, return again and generally have a more positive overall event experience.


In your experience, what are the five key components to a successful partnership as they relate to fundraising events?
1. Competitive Rates – providing competitive rates that align with the organization’s fund raising goals is important

2. Reliability – many times there are specific time requirements, placement requirements or special requests. We work closely with our operations teams to meet all of those needs.

3. Scale – being able to rely on one supplier for many needs in many locations can boost productivity.

4. Product Diversity – having a one stop shop for portable restrooms, temporary fencing, restroom trailers, roll off dumpsters and more. This allows you to save time and money with one source increasing your productivity in other aspects of your fundraising event planning.

5. ABOVE ALL… Provide value – value is not always directly related to price. We work to add value through proper planning, reliability, ability to scale across the country using one vendor, quality products and one stop shopping for multiple needs including restrooms, fence and roll off. Competitive rates are merely a bonus!

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