Partner Spotlight: Cassis Travel Services

Posted on August 9, 2016

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When your fundraising event is a destination event, it helps to have a travel partner on hand to help your participants and staff get there. Cassis Travel Services (CTS) has been working with us for over 13 years, providing travel arrangements and shuttle services for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. We talked to Adam Ottmar, Director of Special Events at CTS, about his experiences working with Event 360 and the Komen 3-Day. You can learn more about them at

  1. How has working with the 3-Day® impacted you personally?

As a vendor of the host hotels, hotel shuttles, and bus transportation for the 3-Day, we are privileged with the opportunity of seeing, engaging, and encouraging the participants every step of the way. We hear some very personal testimonies and share special moments with the participants as we plan their travel or transport them on the event. It’s an honor to connect with some inspiring people that we may not otherwise have met. These impactful encounters have allowed us as a team to feel deeply connected to such an incredible cause.

  1. What is your favorite aspect of the 3-Day?

We absolutely love joining all the participants each night as they honor and welcome the last walker into camp. This element of the event signifies the true essence, support, and spirit of the 3-Day family, while remembering and encouraging all of the daily battles so many have faced. It truly becomes a celebration of life and loved ones, community and sacrifice. Celebrating the last walker each night is a constant reminder that there is power in numbers, and life is meant to be lived in relationship with others. There is so much joy in celebrating everyone’s unique story and the journey they are on!

  1. What meaningful interactions have you had on the event that you particularly remember?

Our team has been significantly blessed with many meaningful interactions throughout the course of our partnership. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lee Giller, a breast cancer survivor, at the Cleveland 3-Day in 2009. To this day, I remember him and am reminded that this disease isn’t something that just affects women; it affects men as well. I was deeply moved and touched by Lee’s personal story and his remarkable persona. Lee’s zest for life, which has been more difficult than not, and his ability to never complain and always persevere, is a constant reminder to us all, “… that the people closest to us, give us hope and a reason to be optimistic!” – Lee Giller

  1. What’s the biggest lesson you learned on the 3-Day?

During our time at the 3-Day, we have been blessed to learn that through grieving there is joy, and that every setback, can be a setup for a comeback! We’ve been enlightened from some of the strongest, most positive people we have had the privilege to meet. Their testimonies are gentle reminders that we may never choose our circumstance, but we sure do choose our attitude!

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