Our Recap: Peer-to-Peer Forum Conference 2022

Posted on March 11, 2022

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Last week, our Event 360 team attended #P2PForum22 in Atlanta with industry experts from across the peer-to-peer fundraising space. This conference was the last thing we attended as a team before the world shut down in 2020 so returning to sponsor, speak, and learn was especially exciting and energizing. We asked our team for some of their top takeaways from the conference session and have shared them below.

“When looking at your participant data: Look at the # of unique donors for each team and for each participant; those with the highest #s are the people who are comfortable with asking. Even if they aren’t the highest fundraisings, they have the most potential to go to the next level.” ―Joann Collins

“One key point I heard in a session is we have all been entrepreneurs for the last two years, let’s not lose that. And one of my favorite quotes from a session was: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ―Tisho Jessop

“The speaker from Movember said look at ROI as Return on Involvement vs. Return on Investment ― what a great way to repurpose that acronym to make it more meaningful and ‘human’.” ―Courtney Collins

“I went to the Hackathon session and I think the biggest takeaway was to talk to your participants and include them to help drive change to your event. It hit me that they are really the ones that may have the most to say about change and you don’t want to leave them behind.” ―Jen Hagan

“It was reassuring to see that ultimately P2P fundraising is rooted in the foundation of relationships with our participants and human beings that are passionate about the causes for which they fundraise. With all the pivoting that needed to happen since 2020, the core groups continued to fundraise and give. We have a lot to rebuild on. And the changemakers that gathered at P2P will make it happen.” ―Kristin Aukstik

Our biggest takeaway? Man, it was great to be back together as an industry. Our Event 360 team is gearing up to plan and produce 104 events this season ― our biggest season yet. We’re thrilled to be supporting a dozen non-profit organizations in 2022 and if you find yourself understaffed or reconfiguring your events to rely on outside logistics support and focus on relationships and revenue, be sure to reach out. We’re here to help.

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