You just wrapped up a successful nonprofit fundraising event, and you received a lot of positive feedback on how well your idea worked. Unfortunately, after all of your endorphins wear off, you are going to realize that, no matter how great this year’s idea was, it just won’t work two years in a row. Doing it all over again the same year after year is a sure-fire way to make your event boring, thereby making your event fundraising portfolio less profitable. Here are some simple tips for keeping a fresh element to your special events fundraising:

  • Try changing locations. Something this simple can make a huge difference.
  • Call your participants or send out questionnaires to find out what you could do better next year, or ask what they would like to see happen at next year’s fundraiser. Never underestimate the importance of your constituents’ perceptions.
  • Sit down and brainstorm what the best things about the event were and try to replicate them next year. For example, if your food was complimented, consider booking the same caterer. You don’t have to change everything. Another benefit to brainstorming your best ideas is that thinking back on your event- what worked and what didn’t-is a great way to see where your money was most effective. You can cut costs and be far more efficient next time if you evaluate every aspect’s productivity.
  • Re-invention doesn’t mean re-branding, however. Consistency in some elements is just as important as keeping things fresh in some cases. Donors and participants need to have something solid to associate  with your cause, so your brand should portray a steady image.

If you ever hear “Let’s just do it the same as we did last year,” send up a flare! Making sure that your events stay fresh and exciting will entice your participants and donors to keep coming back for more, resulting in a better result for your organization.

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