By Meredith Parker 

I recently had the incredible opportunity to attend a U2 concert at The Sphere in Las Vegas. A new event venue that has truly taken the internet and music fans by storm. Although I was so excited to see my favorite band perform in this immersive experience, as a seasoned event professional, my perspective on the evening was shaped by years of planning and producing events. Of course. 

Before stepping into The Sphere, my group and I immersed ourselves in the prelude— “Zoo Station: A U2:UV Experience” at the Venetian Resort. This interactive exhibit set the stage with U2 concert and documentary footage, the iconic German car from the Zoo TV Tour and captivating photo opportunities. Much like the pre-event calls, fundraising and marketing you do for nonprofit events, setting the stage for any event is key. It makes attendees feel even more connected to the experience that awaits them, and this exhibit nailed that. 

Outside The Sphere, we encountered a notable wait before gaining entry to the floor. My event professional instincts kicked in as I observed room for improvement in line management. In true event planner fashion, I envisioned the implementation of barricades and signage to enhance the concertgoers’ experience. 

Upon entering The Sphere, I was surprised by the intimate size of the venue’s floor section. This setting, a mere distance of 25–30 feet from the band, provided an immersive experience that brought me closer to the heart of the performance. Pauli The PSM, the official Atomic MC / DJ host of the UV Dance Party, set the stage with a vibrant preshow. Tailoring his set list to the audience’s age, Pauli’s energy warmed up the crowd and created an electric atmosphere. Much like any pre-event playlist and program!  

The venue itself, standing at a towering 360 feet, The Sphere made a statement with its colossal size and impressive LED display. The venue’s grandeur added a visual dimension to the U2 concert, making it a feast for the senses. U2’s setlist, primarily featuring songs from “Achtung Baby,” showcased the brilliance of The Edge on both guitar and vocals. I noted the absence of drummer Larry Mullen Jr. but appreciated the encore featuring fan favorites like “Elevation” and “Vertigo,” culminating in the iconic “Beautiful Day.” Amidst the brilliant sound and breathtaking visuals, moments of sensory overload added to the multi-dimensional wonder that defined the show. 

Overall, the U2 concert at The Sphere was a mesmerizing experience, seamlessly blending grandeur with intimacy. The juxtaposition of the massive venue and the intimate floor setting made for an unforgettable night, leaving me completely immersed in the magic of U2’s performance from start to finish. And I’ll definitely be taking some of these elements with me as I head into planning for the 2024 event season. 

Meredith Parker

Meredith Parker has been with Event 360 for over a decade and is the Event Production Manager for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. She enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with their six nieces and nephews and participating in local sprint triathlons.



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