By Nicole Weathers

The first few weeks of a new client relationship are critical. Like any new relationship, the goal is to foster open communication and ensure a successful partnership. At Event 360, we take a comprehensive and strategic approach to this journey. Starting off on the right foot with a new client has a profound impact on the future tone of the union. We’ll explore some ways we connect with new clients to ensure success.

The first step we take happens throughout the contract process. We listen to our clients’ needs and prioritize those needs so that they can be an integral part in the scope of work. Doing this ensures we are hitting our objectives, while also thoroughly understanding the client’s wants, needs, and goals. Many clients are looking for a partner, not just a vendor relationship. So, we take time to fully understand their story, and we ensure that we know where they are coming from. This helps us foster a relationship that feels like a team.

Once the contract is finalized, our priorities shift to setting clear expectations, defining objectives, and establishing metrics. The best plan of action? An in-person kick-off meeting with the client to review the scope of work, and ensure that everyone is operating on the same page. This kick-off meeting helps us to not only create a project plan, but establishes effective lines of ongoing communication. This might look like a weekly call, or the use of an online or cloud based project management system like Basecamp. The great thing about this program is that it allows you to easily assign ownership or provide due dates for various projects.

Walking away from this meeting, Event 360 will start to work on deliverables that are part of the scope of work. We do this by involving our larger team and alerting each applicable department of their involvement in this new project. The internal project team will also set expectations for ongoing communications, updates, and testing within these departments.

As we move forward on a project, we continue to stay in constant communication with our client through calls and emails. This helps to keep every piece of the project on track and is an easy way to identify and then rectify any unforeseen circumstances that may occur. In addition, the internal team may also use weekly check-ins to ensure that our client is happy with the progress of their campaign. It is very important to our team that our clients feel like we are successfully connecting the dots between what they want and what we are delivering. These check-ins help to establish a rapport with our clients that enables us to form a trusting relationship. This solid relationship aides in guaranteeing success!

When we step into our clients’ universe and immerse ourselves, we see what they see and can help them achieve the exact event they desire. And we certainly do it all while having fun and working as a team! We are beyond thankful for all the partnerships that have entered the Event 360 family, and we look forward to creating many more!

Nicole Weathers (LinkedIn) is the Manager, Consumer Marketing at Event 360. She manages digital marketing and social media strategy for the Florida AIDS Walk & Music Festival and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Team for the Cures 5K. She enjoys traveling, especially to California to visit friends and family and loves to go on outdoor adventures. Nicole lives in Chicago and looks forward to the summer to enjoy the lakefront trail.

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