Must Haves for Your Event Day Shot List

Posted on September 29, 2022

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By Abbie Peterson

We’ve all heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and as non-profit professionals we know just how far great event photos and videos can go towards recruiting and inspiring participants. Great content is not only good for posting on social media, but for your event’s website, marketing materials, and even sponsorship packets you put together. Event photos and videos that truly capture the essence of your event, volunteers and participants can take your event marketing to the next level. So how do you avoid scanning through hundreds of useless photos (i.e. close up shots of bananas and granola bars!) and videos (60 seconds of the back of someone’s head!) and instead end up with prize-winning shots? Read on for your quick and dirty list of the must-haves for your event day shot list!  

Helpful tip: Need help remembering to capture these shots on event day? Create a phone wallpaper (Canva is free and easy!) with your check list of photos so you don’t forget. Set the wallpaper as your new phone lock screen the night before and voilà! You’re ready to go.  

Start/Finish Line  

Focus on up-close shots of your participants under or near your start/finish line, as opposed to a wide shot that doesn’t quite capture the emotions of your participants right before the walk/run kicks off. These are great for future event save-the-dates (print and digital) or on your website.  

Finisher Photos and Videos 

The look on your participants’ faces as they cross the finish line is unbeatable! Make sure to have your event photographer station themself at the start/finish line as folks start rolling in. After the event, upload these (and all!) photos to your Facebook page so participants can comment and share with friends and family. Definitely an engagement boost! For videos, use this time to get boomerangs of participants crossing the finish line or set up a time-lapse video for a fun, sped-up video to use on your social media channels after the event ends.  

Volunteers in Action 

Capturing photos of your volunteers in their event day roles and interacting with participants is especially handy when you go to send your thank you email or card and can attach a photo of them from the big day.  

Participant Photos and Videos 

Participants are a huge part of your event, so showcase them! Snap photos in front of your step-and-repeat, on the route, wearing your event shirt and interacting with all aspects of your event. Those emotions truly shine in photos! Make sure to get both close-up shots and those epic wide shots of your event site, particularly doing your opening ceremony, that capture the scope of your event.  

Looking for a fun video concept? We recently did a “Humans of New York” style video series while on event for a client’s social media page, and it was an incredible way to get to know the attendees and their reasons for participating!  

Sponsors and Vendors 

Snapping photos of your corporate teams, sponsors and vendors on event will allow you to add that extra special touch when you send them their sponsorship recap. Your photos may even make their company website or social feed! 

What photos are on your must-have list? Share with us! 

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