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Name: Eric Hubbs
Event: TPAN Ride for Life Chicago
Team: Windy City Cycling Team


What is your reason for participating in Ride for Life Chicago? The ride is a beautiful combination of:

1) Being part of a wonderful community of caring and generous people
2) Getting to ride a bike and enjoy a stunning route
3) Fundraising and contributing to such a noble cause! I have been privileged to listen to the stories of many friends I have met through the AIDSRides who tell me what it was like when the AIDS epidemic hit and wiped out an entire generation of gay men. I ride to honor them and to work towards an AIDS-free world.

How did it feel to be involved in Ride for Life Chicago?
It is wonderful! Everyone involved has a huge heart and are the kindest people in the world.

How did you approach your fundraising?
I make a long list of people I know and then I email, call, text or Facebook message 5-10 people a day for a couple of months, making sure to reach out to each person individually. If people donate, I make sure to give them both a public and a private thank you message. I also politely remind people to donate if they haven’t yet. Everyone gets busy, and sometimes they just need a gentle nudge to be part of something so wonderful!

What surprised you most about your experience?
How generous everyone is, if you just ask. I was shocked at the amount some people were willing to give and how close to some people’s hearts this cause was. Even people who do not currently have any direct tie to the gay community have had a friend die in the 80’s and 90’s and will always care deeply about the cause.

What would you like others to know about the Ride for Life?
It’s not as hard as it seems. You’ll have support the whole way, there are no hills, and you can always jump in a support vehicle if you need a rest and a “power up” to the next rest stop.

What 3 words encapsulate the Ride for Life for you?
Exhilarating. Meaningful. Impact.

What is your vision for next year’s ride?
Raise more money, bring more friends to the ride, and have even more fun!

Thank you, Eric! For your enthusiasm and commitment to the TPAN Ride for Life Chicago!  You are making a positive impact in the world. See you out there again this year!

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