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Name: Cheri Devlin
Event: MuckFest, a 5K Mud Run with 18 Obstacles that benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Years of Participation: First participated in 2016, but did all 5 MuckFest Events in 2019
Team Name: Team (M)ike (S)mith

  1. What is your reason for participating in MuckFest? When I first embarked on this tribute mission celebrating my Dad who passed a year ago, finishing all five MuckFest runs was a goal I knew I could achieve, but completion seemed like an eternity away. And yet, here we are. My dad battled MS for many years — and the National MS Society was always there for us, so I love giving back by running and fundraising for MuckFest. Plus, it’s loads of fun to play in the mud!
  2. How did it feel to be involved in MuckFest? MuckFest is an obstacle course that feeds my love for mud runs and raises awareness for a cause I care deeply for.
  3. How did you approach your fundraising? I’m terrible at asking for people’s financial support, so my approach to fundraising is really centered on telling my Dad’s story and why the National MS Society is such an important organization to our family. Social media certainly helps get the word out there, too!
  4. What surprised you most about your experience? The vibe at each race was unique to the city culture, but in every location, you could feel the same type of positive energy and commitment to helping find a cure from everyone there. Such a rewarding experience!
  5. What would you like others to know about MuckFest? YOU CAN DO IT! MuckFest is perfect for race-goers at all levels of fitness, and what I like best is that I don’t have to train for months in advance to be prepared to finish strong!
  6. What three words encapsulate MuckFest for you? For you Dad
  7. Any final thoughts about this year? I loved feeling a sense of purpose. I loved being fulfilled by bringing awareness to the National MS Society through these races and writing about each adventure has been therapeutic. But the truth is, I’m finding comfort knowing this is just the beginning.

You can read more about Cheri’s compelling connection on her personal blog and more about her experiences on MuckFest here. She also created a tribute to her father that reflects on his life and all of the lives he positively impacted. We are so grateful for you Cheri, thank you for sharing your story and being one of our Fundraising Heroes!


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