Jane Kim's ArtYou can’t watch this video and not fall in love with Jane Kim. I’m serious. Give it a try. If you watch this video and don’t find yourself wanting to support Jane’s efforts by the end of it, I’ll donate an hour’s worth of free fundraising advice to you or your organization. Oh wait, we already offer free fundraising advice. I’ll have to find something else to wager. In the meantime, just watch Jane’s 2-minute video and try not to smile.

Jane Kim is an artist who inspires people “to love, appreciate and protect the Earth one work of art at a time.” She is passionate about what she does and her passion is contagious. Event 360 CEO Jeff Shuck met Jane through Summit Series earlier this year and we’ve been working with her for several months now as part of our Inspiration Incubation project. Inspiration Incubation pairs deserving individuals and organizations with members of our consulting team and together we work to achieve their goals.

Jane Kim's ArtSo what’s Jane’s goal? Well, I considered going into detail about it here but ultimately decided that I would be doing you a disservice. You really need to read about it in the artist’s own words and Jane has done a fantastic job outlining the project on her Kickstarter page (which goes live today!) What I will tell you here, however, is that the project involves art, it involves animals, it involves wildlife conservation, it involves making the world a better place and it’s worthy of your time and support. We at Event 360 believe in Jane Kim and think you should too.

As part of this project Jane needs to raise $20,000, hence the Kickstarter page. Yes, I said $20,000. For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s an all or nothing format. Jane either reaches her goal or she doesn’t and she has 30 days in which to make this happen. Here is my four-step plan for how you can help this project succeed:

  1. Click here to visit Jane’s Kickstarter page (Did I mention it goes live today?)
  2. Read about Jane’s project and then take out your credit card and make a donation.
  3. Share Jane’s Kickstarter page with others via Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for doing something good today.

Jane Kim's ArtWhen you visit Jane’s page you’ll notice on the right-hand side that she is offering some really cool backer rewards. I already know that I want one of those t-shirts. Some of the rewards are in limited supply and high-demand so make sure to act quickly. In case you didn’t know, her Kickstarter page goes live today. You can be among the first to donate.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you can also meet Jane in person at the Bone Room in Berkeley, CA where she will be hosting an art show and Kickstarter launch party on Thursday, October 4, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. She’s even more charming in person than she is in the video.

If you have any questions about Jane’s project or just want to send her a note of encouragement you can visit her website or send her an email. If you have any questions about our Inspiration Incubation project or want to cash in on our free fundraising advice, you can send me an email. And if you want to thank someone for running a company full of world changers who help other world changers make a difference, you can send Jeff Shuck an email.

Art images on this page courtesy of Jane Kim.

Suzanne Mooney is a Fundraising Consultant at Event 360.

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