The Gulf Oil Spill is quickly staking its claim on being the worst natural disaster our country has ever seen.  The amount of oil spilled into the Gulf is practically incalculable and the damage done immeasurable.  Clean up will take years, if not decades to complete with some damage that can never be undone.

But there is one organization that is not daunted by the task.  In fact their CEO was first on the ground when tragedy hit and they haven’t stopped working since that day.

Who are they?  National Wildlife Federation

Since day one of the disaster, National Wildlife Federation has mobilized their organization to work against the spill and help to safeguard delicate ecosystems.  NWF’s coastal Louisiana campaign director Karla Raettig, senior vice president Jeremy Symons, and CEO Larry Schweiger were among the first responders to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In addition, volunteers are working around the clock to locate and rehabilitate wildlife, clean habitats and protect breeding grounds.

And while their work is noble, what is truly amazing is how they were able to leverage the power of social media to secure over $100,000 in donations for their Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund in just two short weeks!

Wondering how they did it?  Through the use of targeted inbound marketing!  These are tools that each and every nonprofit has at their disposal and ones that you can use in your own event fundraising efforts. 


Social Media Tools

Facebook:  The National Wildlife Federation’s Facebook page has a direct donation button, allowing fans to donate instantly from the site. By putting the option to donate front and center on the page, the guesswork is removed and donations increase. Also, the use of Facebook as a donation platform allows donors to share the cause within their own network. Thus spreading the word and generating even more interest.

Also on Facebook, the National Wildlife Federation announced a partnership with the popular gaming company CrowdStar. CrowdStar created five limited edition animals that gamers can purchase through 5 different high traffic games. Then, 100% of the profits from the sale of these animals was donated directly to the Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund. With over 50 million users monthly, this partnership has the potential to yield dramatic results.

Tweet-athon: Facebook and Twitter are very similar platforms, but in this case, they are being used in very different ways. By partnering with Promojam, the National Wildlife Federation was able to sponsor their very first Tweet-athon. Designed to greatly increase visibility in a short amount of time, the Tweet-athon worked in increase both awareness and donations.

Go Mobile: As was first seen after the earthquake in Haiti, mobile giving has the power to generate practically unheard of results. The National Wildlife Federation hoped to capitalize on this new platform to amplify their fundraising efforts after the Gulf Oil Spill. By partnering with the Mobile Giving Foundation they were able secure $10 donations from each participant, a small number that adds up quickly given the large scope of the campaign.

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