In just under two weeks our Event 360 team will be in Washington, D.C. for the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum conference, helping our fellow event pros practice some self-care at our Sunrise Self-Care morning session! (BTW, you can sign up here) And although we’re still getting through winter, the cold months have already started to thaw, and with that, event season draws near! The work that we do is multifaceted, to say the least, and juggling countless to-do lists can be overwhelming. Between supporting our eager participants, executing elaborate programmatic elements and managing complex production tasks, burnout seems to be a habitual issue facing many event professionals. In preparation for Sunrise Self-Care, we asked some of our Event 360 colleagues how they proactively combat fatigue, stay centered, and create space for self-care: 

I have to prioritize my morning coffee. I take the fifteen minutes to make a cup of espresso, grinding the beans by hand and frothing the oat milk to make the perfect cup. Sure, the caffeine boost is great, but I enjoy taking the time to make myself a homemade beverage that seems to help me get my day off to the right start. –Danie Klein, Programs & Participant Support Coordinator 

I try to maintain a stretching routine, especially when I’m traveling. This helps keep me loose whether I’m tethered to my desk or out in the field. I also like using massage balls/rollers to hit any problem areas. Loosening up helps me reduce my stress level and allows me to focus on the task at hand instead of any little aches or pains. I also will do breathing exercises and meditation when I need a little break to relax and refocus when things are flying around. –David Koslovsky, Purchasing Manager 

While we are 100 % invested with the mission before us, accomplishing the tasks needed to produce and present the best possible event, it is sometimes difficult to pause for a mid-stream reset and allow for self-care to overcome the many stressors we face. Never discount the fact that you are not alone! Having simple conversations about stress with your team or selected teammates can allow for the healthy reset you need and open your eyes to the fact that you have a support network, and your team may be experiencing the same stressors. Take a breath, and talk it out! –Jason Page, Crew and Volunteer Coordinator 

When the event world takes over our personal world, I try to focus on getting some fresh air in the morning, starting with a neighborhood pup walk and potentially a run to follow. Getting some time outdoors first thing always helps keep me balanced. I also try to step away at the end of the business day for a while, even if I’ll be coming back to work more later that night. That usually includes making a homemade meal with my partner. Finding time for friends is always important in keeping my sanity during the busy times as well! –Kat Thomas, Account Director 

Whenever the season gets busy and it feels like there are more things to do than time allows, I try to remember that there are many people I can reach out to at Event 360 to help. We all have our busy seasons at different times, and as a 3-Day Coach, this can be true even with the people on my team. Remembering to connect with others on a regular basis is a great way to prepare for the busiest days. I also like to make sure I am still finding time for myself to do something physical like take a walk or spend time in the pool to focus on just myself. When I have a clearer mind, all the little tasks seem to make more sense. It’s also important to remember to eat well and hydrate! Those can easily be forgotten when things seem busier. –Kathleen Klotz, Programs & Participant Support Coordinator 

I’m an avid reader so, no matter what the day has thrown at me, I make sure to take a few minutes to settle in with my current book each evening. Jumping into someone else’s world always relaxes me so that I’m rested and ready for the morning. –Ann Love, Event Production Manager 

Self-care for a long day starts a few days before the event for me. I become extremely aware of my sleep schedule, making sure to set myself up for a successful night’s sleep with no screen time (this fails a lot) and calm music or an audiobook while I unwind each evening. This includes the night before the event, when I make sure to eat a really healthy meal and take a bath and soak my feet after being at set up all day. Two, three, or four a.m. is sneaky and terrible if you haven’t been resting and anticipating beforehand. I have protein bars and coffee as my breakfast of champions and remind myself during the height of the controlled chaos of event day that I am a cool, calm, collected professional and later I will get to reflect on how amazing a day this was. Usually, I get ice cream for dinner afterward and fall asleep watching Forensic Files in the hotel room. That’s actually my favorite kind of self-care. –Kristina Wilkes, Volunteer Communications Coordinator 

I always pack a travel yoga mat and lots of tea when I’m headed on event so I can slow down and reset after long days. –Clare Doyle, Event Production Manager 

As event experts, we can make a lot of missteps when it comes to overextending ourselves on the job. Forgoing sleep, missing meals, and juggling a million things at once can, unfortunately, all be standard when we’re in the heat of battle. But we know that it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. Finding ways to practice mindfulness and be gentle with ourselves is imperative not only for our clients, but also for ourselves! How do you find time to breathe and create restorative moments for yourself?  

P.S. If you’ll be at the P2P Forum this month, sign up for Sunrise Self-Care with Event 360! Non-profit attendees will receive a DoGooder shirt and travel self-care kit, and one lucky attendee will receive a donation to their non-profit.

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