Almost a decade ago, we put together a list of our top ten gifts for event folks. We figured it was time for an update. If you have an event professional in your life, they are, like us, probably coming off of a very strange 18 months and (hopefully!) gearing up for a very busy 2022 on the road. Here are our top 10 gift ideas for event professionals this holiday season. 

1) Airpod keychain case: We love the convenience of wireless earphones when we’re on the move, but do they have to be so tiny? A waterproof keychain case is the perfect gift for the person in your life who needs to keep track of their tech on the go. 

2) Leatherman multi-tool: This one is never ever, ever leaving our list! This is our favorite gift to our Event 360 team members, making it a must-have on-event. 

3) High-quality planner: All event planners need a great task and calendar system and while we have online tools like Teams, Slack, and Basecamp, some of us love an old-school notebook. Here’s one of our sleek and simple faves. 

4) Tech travel organizer: When it comes to #eventlife, staying organized on the go is key. We highly recommend a nifty travel bag to keep all your chargers, cords, and headphones in place on the go. 

5) Dinner delivery gift card: As we head out on site scouting and event trips next year, hotel life has gotten a little trickier when it comes to dining out. Our solution? Dining in! Thank goodness we can get almost any meal delivered to our hotel. Treat that event professional in your life to a dinner in. 

6) Hydro Flask: Our gift guide in 2021 included a collapsible water bottle but in 2021, it’s all about the Hydro Flask. Hydration on event is key and you can’t go wrong with this year’s most popular bottle. 

7) Meditation: Did you know Forbes has ranked event planning as the #5 most stressful job in America? For the event planner in your life, consider a subscription to Headspace or another similar meditation app to help keep their mental health in check as we return to live events next season. 

8) Mobile charger: Whether your friend oversees on-event social media, or just grabbing photos on a site scouting trip, a mobile charger is an event geek’s best friend.  

9) Fanny pack: Now here’s a trend we were happy to see return. On-event life is all about function over fashion and with zip ties, and sharpies, and phones to keep track of, who wouldn’t want a wearable pouch? 

10) Starbucks Gift Card: Coffee is the unofficial mascot for events, fueling our early mornings and long days. You can’t go wrong with the classic gift of caffeinated goodness. 

No matter the gift, those of us in the events industry always appreciate a gift that makes our busy lives easier! What are your top gift picks for the event pros in your life? Let us know in the comments!

Jillian Schranz

Jillian has worn many hats at Event 360 in the past 15 years – from fundraising coach to project manager, to event IT support. She knows our work and our team inside and out. In her current role as Director of Business Development, she can perfectly partner our clients with the services they need and ensure our team delivers flawless event experiences that yield happy participants and stellar results.

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