Jono SmithWith CLASSY Awards weekend swiftly upon us we’d like to reiterate our excitement for powering the first-ever CLASSY Awards Collaborative, which kicks off the weekend on Friday, Sept. 21 at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego; and for being a premier sponsor of the 2012 CLASSY Awards. Partnering with StayClassy has been a thrill — collaborating with like-minded, passionate organizations and people fuels our mission, after all.

The Collaborative will bring innovative thinkers and the foremost leaders in philanthropy together — including CLASSY Award nominees, speakers, and members of the leadership council — to discuss the future of fundraising. This interactive gathering offers Collaborative sessions that will highlight out-of-the-box approaches that drive teamwork and address social causes. Each session will feature a global industry challenge using a nonprofit case study. Our own CEO Jeff Shuck will lead a session on the issues nonprofits face when trying to hire high caliber talent. Attendees will brainstorm solutions in real time and results will be filmed and distributed to audience members and featured organizations — now that’s collaboration in action! Check out this year’s Collaborative speakers.

Don’t forget to stop by the Event 360 room during the Collaborative where enthusiastic staff will be on hand for networking and idea sharing — and a few fun surprises!

The 4th Annual CLASSY Awards on Saturday, Sept. 22, at the San Diego Civic Theatre is a red-carpet ceremony that brings together philanthropic celebrities, social leaders, and the next generation of philanthropists to celebrate the 16 National CLASSY Awards Winners announced live on stage. We were so impressed with last year’s nominees and winners we can’t wait to meet this year’s world-changers.

We hope to see you in San Diego during this action-packed celebratory weekend. If you are unable to attend, go ahead and channel the spirit of CLASSY by reaching out to local charities in your community: volunteer, donate, or collaborate. Together, we can all make an impact.

Jono Smith is vice president of marketing at Event 360. You can find Jono on Google+Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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