From headlamps to hugs, what we’re grateful for at Event 360!

Posted on November 10, 2022

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As 2022 winds down, with the holidays quickly approaching and the end of event season in sight, we can’t help but feel incredibly thankful for all this year has brought us. To celebrate, this month we’re bringing you a blog series focusing on all things we, peer-to-peer event professionals, are grateful for. To kick things off, we asked a few Event 360 teammates to reflect on what they are most grateful for this season:  

I’m grateful to be a part of events that are able to bring people together again after COVID. It’s amazing to see participants coming together again for the greater good. I’m also thankful for being able to come back together with my event family! ―Kat Thomas, Account Director  

I’m thankful for banners printed with specs on the ends and signage with specs printed on a label on the box. ―Patrick Riley, SVP of Accounts 

I’d say that I’m most grateful to have the opportunity to work on events that provide purpose for the pain we, and our participants, feel when someone we love is in their greatest moment of need. To be able to do this kind of rewarding and life-changing work is so heart and soul filling and I never take for granted just how lucky I am to be able to get to do this work. ―Molly Fast, Director of Fundraising and Development 

New and improved headlamps! As daylight is waning, they are a lifesaver. ―Slade Thompson, Director of Production 

I am grateful for my little space heater I keep under my desk, because my office is the coldest room in the house in the winter. My cat sleeping on my lap while I work helps as well. ―Joann Buckley Collins, Senior Copywriter 

I am grateful for the Event 360 team members that I get to work alongside at our events. I always know that with our team on the ground, the event will be in the very best of hands. I’m also grateful for my heated sweatshirt that can get me through most event weather! ―Meredith Parker, Event Production Manager  

I am grateful for Murph for always looking out for his team while on event…coffee and breakfast burritos for the win! I am grateful for headlamps in the darkest, chilliest parks. I am grateful for the Event 360 event staff who never say, “that’s not my job.” We all get down and dirty! I am grateful that in February 2017 Molly Fast offered me a position with a company that works for good. In the past 5-3/4 years that has prompted me to organize six annual giving drives in Metro Detroit! ―Heather Snyder, Programs and Participant Support Coordinator 

I’m grateful for all the people I’ve met, stories I’ve heard and hugs I’ve received while on event. No matter how exhausted I may feel, seeing participants find community and spread joy always, always makes every second worth it! ―Abbie Peterson, Marketing and Social Media Manager  

I’m most grateful for our amazing staff. I truly cannot imagine creating our event experiences without the phenomenal team members that help drive us forward. (Also, my list of thanksgiving would not be complete without mention of my Leatherman!) Jesse McDaniel, Creative Services Coordinator  

I’m grateful for friends and co-workers who will jump in to help at a moment’s notice when someone needs anything or can’t be present when planned. Our team always supports each other with no questions asked. ―Cyrena Hillyard, Director, Creative Services 

As peer-to-peer event professionals, we know just how hectic your days can be. It can be hard to remember why you do what you do! Find some time in your busy schedule this month to appreciate all the things you love. What are you grateful for? Share with us! 

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