Event Security Innovations in 2021

Posted on November 6, 2020

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Since large gatherings always carry some sort of risk, it's best to muster all our technological nous to ensure that we will never have to deal with some tragedies that happened in the past. Of course, ensuring that such pow-wows go without accidents is not easy but thankfully, technology is here to help as it can provide us with the tools necessary to ensure that an event is completely safe.  Well, completely safe is a relevant term, but there have been significant leaps in improving overall event security, deploying a number of technologies that facilitate the monitoring and managing of large-people group gatherings.

Latest Event Security Innovations

So, what's new in event security these past months? Artificial intelligence has made it possible to use facial recognition with remarkable accuracy. While masks and face coverings turned out to be far more difficult in the end, most facial recognition software has learned how to spot out potentially dangerous individuals in the crowd.  With the pandemic, several deployments have been made in 2021. Entertainment venues now use specialized monitoring software that can tell in a matter of a few seconds whether a patron trying to enter an event or a venue is spiking higher-than-natural bodily temperature which can help locate people who may be carriers of the disease for example.

To deploy further security solutions, many events now use air drones which reinforce the surveillance. In fact, there are many reasons why drone event surveillance is picking up pace. Drones are quick and they can respond to different areas that need additional surveillance at any given moment.  Because of their mobility, you will never face difficulty deploying them where they are needed which gives them their keen edge. You can easily follow a target and focus on some sensitive and suspicious activities all through aerially deployed drones that offer snap solutions to even the most urgent security matters when hosting events.

Crowd Control Is Essential to Ensuring Event Security

To make sure that any event goes according to plan, it will have to be coordinated in at least a few ways. Apart from using AI for powerful facial recognition, for example, there are other measures that can be deployed to ensure that the safety of events is kept intact. Such standard options include:

  • Road closures
  • CCTV operators
  • Guestlist checks
  • Fire prevention
  • Internal and external patrols

Overall, these are traditional ways of containing events and ensuring that they remain safe, but they are still important to guaranteeing that guests would have the best possible time. Even these have benefited in 2021 as the tech has advanced, though.  For example, guest list checks can now be automated with a special QR code that is sent directly to a guest's phone instead of people looking for your name on a pad. Fire prevention is not only there, it's optimized as venues usually have built-in extinguishers and other preventative measures.  With proper big data analysis though, companies can run numerous simulations to foresee any potentially dangerous outcome. There have been other rollouts of late insofar as security measures go.

What Future Security Measures Will We See?

There are certainly many changes coming to entertainment and this is just the way things are, for better or for worse.  Most of these newly-pitched proposals have to do with the world we live in since 2020. For starters, huge crowds are no longer recommended, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  As things stand, having more, contained events is going to be so much better experience. People who love attending concerts will be able to adjust to a new reality where they are closer to the stage and get to experience a far more entertaining overall experience.  Security measures such as social distancing and face coverings may become mandatory, but the fact is that they aren't necessarily bad in the first place. Just the opposite, these measures will lead to a more fulfilling overall experience when attending such events.  Attendees are very welcome to enjoy tailored events that are not only safer but are also more entertaining, less of a hassle getting to and away from, and generally a great valuable experience. Sure, the entertainment industry will have to also come around and understand these new realities.  

We may not see 100,000 people concerts anymore, but this doesn't mean the 30,000-people ones would be any worse. The safety of events is evolving rapidly and whether it concerns general behavioral guidelines or aerial surveillance, gatherings are becoming safer for everyone.

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