Event production and volunteer management is next up on our event check list blog series.  

Our team has pulled together a list of core building blocks for successful event production, though there are plenty of sub-activities that would be included in each of these core activities. Successful event production means checking every detail once, and then checking it again to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. This list will ensure that you optimize the space for your needs, apply for all relevant permits, coordinate with vendors, and delegate tasks to event staff. These check list components will empower the event production team by giving them the confidence that they have tracked the costs and efficiently allocated resources needed to complete the run, walk, or ride event.

The event site is ground zero for starting to develop your event production plan. Checking off these activities will ensure that your event remains consistent from one to the next and establish a standard for you and your team. Our event production check lists ensure that our event production team does not miss the core components that make an event special for the nonprofit organization, their participants, and the volunteers.

Things to consider in Event Production Planning

o Site Design
o Route Design
o Applications and Permits
o Jurisdictional Relationships
o Supply and Equipment Plan and Procurement
o Signage Plan and Purchasing
o Vendor Selection and Management
o Registration and Check-In Process
o Operations Plan Development
o Emergency/Contingency Plan Development
o Staff Job Descriptions
o Execution Staffing Plan
o Signage Plan Development
o Execution Staffing Plan
o Sponsor Activation
o Event Day Timelines and Plans
o Food and Beverage Deployment
o Event Day Command and Control

Volunteer Management

The management of individual volunteers goes hand in hand with hosting successful fundraising events and is a key component of your event production plan. The idea is to maximize the effectiveness of each of your volunteers, while making your event a memorable experience for them.

Volunteers are giving their time and energy to help the event production team execute on their strategy. Developing a strong volunteer management system will give your volunteers the information that they need to to know what needs to be done, as well as when and how. Without developing a strong volunteer management checklist your nonprofit event could miss out the full resources from your volunteers.  Give them visibility into the structure and expectations so they have fewer logistical questions before they arrive on site, can engage with your organization and stay connected to the cause..

o Volunteer Needs Assessment
o Volunteer Job Description and Assignments
o Volunteers Training
o Volunteer Deployment

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