In the world of event fundraising, finding your niche allows your event to stand out from the pack and make a true and lasting difference for your cause. The NF Endurance Team is unique, because it takes this principle a step further. Instead of trying to attract participants to its own separate events, it sends its own team to established events around the country. The set-up is simple and effective, and it allows the team to reach a wide range of participants in activities they are already enjoying.

The NF Endurance Team offers a new way to take part in some of your favorite endurance events while raising vital awareness and funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. This unique take on fundraising allows participants to join various events around the country while working as a team to ensure research dollars are put towards enabling treatments and finding a cure for neurofibromatosis, or NF. Team members can earn various incentives based on the success of their fundraising, but there is no minimum financial requirement to join.

The NF Endurance Team was formed in the late 90’s by Anita Carter. Carter’s son has been diagnosed with NF, and she was looking for a way to raise money while also raising public awareness around the disease. Though the team initially focused on marathons, they’ve now expanded to include long distance bike rides, triathlons and other types of endurance-based events. The team is known for having amazing dedication to its cause. The team firmly believes that a cure will be found, and that they will participate in moving the cure from dream to reality. They just have to go the distance.

The NF Endurance Team reinforces both its dedication to the cause and its thought leadership by providing complete transparency as to how fundraising dollars translate into advancements in NF research. The website clearly states where the money from each event goes and what that study has achieved. Further, as the foundation has been awarded Charity Navigator’s four star rating, every dollar earned is matched by one or more corporate and government investments. With additional money from larger institutions, the efforts of this group have the power to turn one dollar into five or even ten that will be invested into treatments and eventually lead to a cure.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation has shown thought leadership through their creation of the NF Endurance Team. By building this type of “team” philosophy, the NF Endurance Team is able to gain significant presence at a huge number of events that are already well established and well attended. Its level of commitment works to raise awareness of its cause and participation at future events, therefore investing in both the present needs and future stability of the organization.

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