Event 360 Teammate Spotlight: Val Jones

Posted on July 9, 2015

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We’re excited to introduce this week’s Event 360 Teammate Spotlight. Enjoy a glimpse into the personal and professional life of Val Jones!

Position:  Dallas/Forth Worth Crew and Volunteer Coordinator, Susan G. Komen 3-Day®
Start Year:  2012 (temporary), 2014 (fill-time)



What job did you hold right before you came to work at Event 360? I was a bookkeeper for several of the clients in my father’s small CPA firm.

Was there anything in particular that brought you to Event 360? Having been a participant since 2006 in an event that Event 360 produced, I was familiar with the hard work and dedication of the entire Event 360 staff. When I had the opportunity to join that environment, and travel as well, I was sold!

If you weren’t working at Event 360 what would you be doing? If I was not working at Event 360 I would most likely still be working as a bookkeeper in my father’s firm, or I would have moved over to become a House Manager at a local performing arts complex. I like to think, no matter what, that I would be expanding my organizational and people skills in a fun environment.

Favorite part of your job? Working with the awesome crew and volunteers! I love my co-workers but helping our events to excel through amazing volunteers is what drives me to keep smiling every single day.

What do you like to do in your free time? I recently ended a part-time job as a supervisor at the local performing arts complex to have more time, and now I don’t know what to do! It’s a whole new world for me, but I have always had a love of reading and letter-writing which I can now do with greater frequency and I am always trying some new craft I’ve found on Pinterest. My roommate will testify that some have not been as successful as we both would have liked, but that won’t stop me!

Most memorable event experience? Having staffed over 36 events in the last three years it’s really hard to pick just one moment. Something I think back on quite often is the time a crew member came up to me at an event and told me all about how she was able to assist a walker and change her day for the better, by a single, small act of kindness. I had spoken in the pre-event crew meeting about the fact that we really can change the world one small act of kindness at a time. So, having the opportunity to share in that moment and the glow of the crew member as she told me about putting those words into action just makes me smile.

Besides inspiring change for the better, learning to drive a 24’ truck and a refrigerated truck totally tops my most memorable event experience as well!

You’re showing off your hometown to a friend who has never been to visit before. What’s on your must see/do/eat list? The first thing most people see when they come to visit my house are the cows across the street. But, some of the sites I like to show off are our beautiful Arts District, and then what most people want to see, the Grassy Knoll where JFK was shot. Afterwards we typically grab a bite to eat at one of the many yummy tex-mex restaurants.

On event, what three things are we guaranteed to find in your bag? Tissues…what can I say, I cry a lot of happy tears. My paper planner…I never leave home without it! Hand lotion.

One word to describe Event 360? Family

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