We’re excited to introduce this week’s Event 360 Teammate Spotlight. Enjoy a glimpse into the personal and professional life of Patrick Riley!

Position:  VP/Account Director
Start Year:  2003


What job did you hold right before you came to work at Event 360? I was the National Volunteer Director for another event production company.

Was there anything in particular that brought you to Event 360?
A job working with people I already knew, respected and liked.

If you weren’t working at Event 360 what would you be doing? The unrealistic answer would be to own a bakery but everyone knows that this night owl is unable to keep baker’s hours. The more likely answer is working in Los Angeles on a film production set.

Favorite part of your job? Building relationships. I’m lucky to work with interesting and fun people who are the best at what they do.

What do you like to do in your free time? I like to read comic books. I also cook and bake bread. And I love exploring Los Angeles. I’m currently taking a photography class that has pushed me to find new nooks and crannies of the city.

Most memorable event experience? First events are always high on the list – the first Susan G. Komen 3-Day® in SD, the first MuckFest® MS in Jacksonville, the first AIDS Walk in Ft. Lauderdale, the first PetWalk in Phoenix, etc.  And yet viscerally my brain instantly goes to being in a dumpster in Boulder, CO (on the campus where I went to college) where we needed to pack down the trash because it was overflowing. We did a good job getting it packed down and just as I was exiting the dumpster the trash gave way and I was suddenly standing mid-calf deep in trash juice. We all have those funny “is this my life?” event stories.

You’re showing off your hometown to a friend who has never been to visit before. What’s on your must see/do/eat list? Everybody’s very happy/’Cause the sun is shining all the time/Looks like another perfect day/I love L.A. (We love it) –  I could spend hours talking about this subject, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Breakfast at Gjusta Bakery and a walk down Venice Beach. Lunch at Clifton’s Cafeteria and a walk through Echo Park. An afternoon cabana at the Roosevelt Hotel. A picnic from Ink.Sack for the Hollywood Bowl. And a nightcap at the Chateau Marmont.

On event, what three things are we guaranteed to find in your bag? A backup battery brick, a sharpie and my MacBook.

One word to describe Event 360? Clever

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