We’re excited to introduce this week’s Event 360 Teammate Spotlight. Enjoy a glimpse into the personal and professional life of Katie Zupancic!

Position: Marketing Coordinator
Start Year: 2012



What job did you hold right before you came to work at Event 360? I’m very lucky to have started at Event 360 right out of college. I graduated from Vanderbilt University (Go Dores!) in Nashville, Tennessee in May of 2012, and then started interning at Event 360 in September. I started my current role in October of 2012.

Was there anything in particular that brought you to Event 360? The team was authentic, smart, and creative, and I was very impressed by the client base. The opportunity to work on a close, small team was very appealing to me, and the passion fueling each person I talked to inspired me more and more.

If you weren’t working at Event 360 what would you be doing? That’s a tough one – it’s a tie between Gluten Free Taste Tester or Professional Pinterest-er. I’ve pinned enough interior decorating ideas to re-do every apartment in the city of Chicago.

Favorite part of your job? I love being out on our MuckFest® MS events capturing content for our social media posts and interacting in-person with our great participants and sponsors. Because I typically interact with participants behind the mask of our social media pages, it’s great being able to interact with them at the event. Meeting participants whom I worked with on blog posts is also incredibly rewarding.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to explore Chicago neighborhoods with my tiny dog, Annie, travel, and watch the Colts dominate on Sundays during football season. I also enjoy doing kickboxing/boxing and playing in recreational sport leagues – so far, my team has played kickball, softball, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, and flag football.

Most memorable event experience? I was lucky enough to witness a participant with multiple sclerosis complete the MuckFest MS course using a cane to a standing ovation. It still gives me chills when I think about it. I will also never forget the craziness of driving a gator with a camera crew as they captured Chris Soules and 6 mucky brides take on the MuckFest MS course for the Bachelor television series.

You’re showing off your hometown to a friend who has never been to visit before. What’s on your must see/do/eat list? My favorite Saturdays include a leisurely-paced early-morning 5K on the Chicago lakefront followed up by a delicious brunch. Sunda, Bub City, and Beatrix all take a deliciously unique stab at the best meal of the week. After that, we’d walk along the new Chicago Riverfront, take a CTA bus up to Green City Farmer’s Market in Lincoln Park, shop the cute boutiques on Lincoln, and cap off the day with an afternoon Chicago Cubs game.

On event, what three things are we guaranteed to find in your bag? My fanny pack always holds a backup battery pack for my cell phone, my Leatherman, and gluten free granola bars.

One word to describe Event 360? Teamwork


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