Event 360 Spotlight: Janelle Benuska

Posted on June 23, 2016

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We’re excited to introduce this week’s Event 360 Teammate Spotlight. Enjoy a glimpse into the personal and professional life of Janelle Benuska!

Position: Programs & Participant Support Manager for MuckFest® MS
Start Year:  2016 in this role; previously worked for Event 360 from 2008-2010


What job did you hold right before you came to work at Event 360?
Associate Executive Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Was there anything in particular that brought you to Event 360? I was super excited to rejoin the Event 360 team, as it is like no other professional environment I have ever experienced. The individuals hired by Event 360 are sharp, dynamic and unique. It is incredibly motivating and inspiring to be among them!

If you weren’t working at Event 360 what would you be doing? Is this a trick question? Is there something I don’t know? I shudder at the thought. But I would likely be teaching more fitness classes as I “moonlight” as an instructor.

Favorite part of your job? Learning so much from the people I work with. The way things all come together on event, and how all the moving pieces fit into place. Tackling challenges as a team. Connecting with volunteers and participants, and carrying their stories with me. Developing new ideas into programs, with the client and their constituents in mind, and exceeding their expectations.

What do you like to do in your free time? Mom-ing and wife-ing, spending time with friends and family, music, and anything FUN!

Most memorable event experience? I’ve already accumulated many, but we’ll go with this past weekend at MuckFest MS Philadelphia. It was a rather intense road leading up to and executing the event, and every single bit of it was memorable. But the best part culminated in the team sitting in golf carts outside of the RV after wrapping the event on Sunday, as the storm that the Command Center had been watching for three days straight finally hit. Sweet perfection.

You’re showing off your hometown to a friend who has never been to visit before. What’s on your must see/do/eat list? If we’re talking about Bolingbrook, we have to eat at Portillos and have frozen custard at Andy’s, and take a walk around the park. For Chicago, I’m a sucker for Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) at Millennium Park, hopefully a live music concert or karaoke/dancing in Boys Town, maybe some record and clothes shopping, and eating EVERYWHERE.

On event, what three things are we guaranteed to find in your bag? SNACKS (I bring all of the snacks), lip balm with sunscreen, and sunglasses.

One word to describe Event 360? Aces.

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