Event 360 Recommends: Seattle Stair Walks

Posted on August 18, 2016

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At Event 360 we work hard and play hard. We travel the country going from one event to the next, and in the process we tumble upon some really great places in the cities we work. Be it a restaurant, music venue or book store (to name a few), we have found some must-see attractions and we want to share them with you.
Today, Kim Collins, San Diego 3-Day Field Marketing Coordinator, tells us about one of her favorite spots in Seattle!

Name: Stair Walks in Seattle

Full address: There are stair walks all over the city, but the one I explored was in the Queen Anne neighborhood

Website http://www.activelynorthwest.com/fitness/best-seattle-stair-walks/
(This will give you an idea of several stair walks you can try in Seattle.)

Event 360_Recommends_Seattle stairs

What makes this place worth stopping in? I learned that seeing a city through a stair walk is a wonderful way to not only get in a killer workout, but it’s a great way to explore some place you’ve never been. I was introduced to the Queen Anne neighborhood in the most unique way. After a long day of working hard and knowing that even longer event days were coming up, I was less than enthusiastic at first, but that quickly changed.

After finding our starting point and a place to park (not easy in Seattle) we headed out on our stair climbing journey. Our first set of stairs lead to one of the most incredible views of Seattle that I could have imagined (Kerry Park) and right then I knew I was in for a big treat. We walked through some beautiful neighborhoods and neat little villages which included a stop into a fabulous little ice cream shop – Molly Moon’s, which I also recommend! We enjoyed yummy ice cream cone. Throughout our walk there were so many different sights to see and views to enjoy of the city.

During this particular stair walk, we walked nearly four miles and climbed up and down roughly 2,000 stairs! We took our time and enjoyed every minute. I can’t wait to do it again.


Must see/do/eat/can’t miss? Not only do I highly recommend to anyone visiting Seattle to explore any of the many stair walks, but I look forward to doing it again when I visit Seattle next time. Thanks to my co-worker and friend Molly (a huge stair walking fan) for opening my eyes to a different way to explore a city and get in some great exercise, too!

Anything else? Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!


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