Event marketing communications are no different from any other type of marketing communications. All are more effective when the event is targeted, focused, and relevant to a target audience. 

Segmentation is the best way to put a face and a voice to that audience. The narrower your segment, the more likely it is that you will be able to add something of value to the conversation. For example, an event targeted at Moms is an event without a real target, while one targeted at Mothers (ages 35-54) of children (ages 3-12) is much better because the participants will automatically have something to talk about—their many shared experiences. Moms participating in those conversations will get a much better sense of how the event appeals to their values through that targeting and can then offer up referrals and donors from within their personal networks who also have impact with those issues directly.

To learn more about segmentation strategies, join Event 360 for our presentations at Run Walk Ride 2011 or NTEN’s 2010 NTC.

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