Chefs Cycle – Lessons of Launching a New Event

Posted on June 22, 2015

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Written by Jillian Schranz

Over the past two weeks, our team at Event 360 has had the privilege of supporting bi-coastal events for No Kid Hungry. What started as an organizational vision turned into a brand new event series – Chefs Cycle. A true example of mission in action, almost 50 chefs committed to riding over 300 miles in three days on their respective coasts and in doing so, raised over $300,000 to support No Kid Hungry’s mission of ending childhood hunger in America.

As part of our partnership, Event 360’s team provided logistical planning, event management, and route scouting and support for both Chefs Cycle events. We worked hard to create beautiful routes that would challenge participants while showing them the best both sides of the country had to offer. Bi-coastal events executed over back-to-back weeks was no small feat. Here are some of our key takeaways.

Flexibility is key to first-time events.
When launching a new event series, new ideas await you in every phase of your planning. Clear timelines, budgets, and site and route planning are crucial but so is a team’s ability to successfully modify plans when inspiration strikes. A quick and coordinated effort can make all the difference in executing ideas that materialize to enhance an event experience.

Feedback is a gift.
Participant feedback is so valuable when producing events and this is especially true on first-time events. Event teams spend months planning every detail of their events and once the big day arrives, the tips and suggestions so generously offered by your participants can be used help shape the long-term vision of your on-event experience. Yes, everyone has their own perspective on what makes your event successful and what can be improved, but as long as they are offering to share their thoughts, listen and respond. Responsiveness is key to long-term growth and success.

Events are social and social is key to events.
Throughout the Chefs Cycle event, the No Kid Hungry team encouraged participants to share their experiences while capturing and sharing key moments on event. Not only did this help create a more immersive event experience, but through their social networking, the Chefs were able to continue to raise funds throughout their ride. When planning event logistics, consider signage, routes, and special touches that inspire your participants to share their experience. Give them a little something to brag about!

We were honored to provide event management to No Kid Hungry for their brand new event series. If you want to see their amazing Chefs in action, check them out on Instagram at @nokidhungry.

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