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Posted on April 16, 2021

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If you attended the Run FOR GOOD at the P2PForum21, you got to experience our new favorite live virtual technology, Charge Running. At Event 360, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of live events. In a time where many of our non-profit partners need to move forward into 2021 with hybrid in-person and virtual experiences, we knew we needed to find a solid solution to execute that virtual component of the experience at the high caliber we strive to deliver for our partners.

Enter Charge Running. This live virtual running coach app builds an incredible sense of community within a clean app experience, and we’re proud that the 5x5K FOR GOOD Dallas live virtual race is powered by Charge Running. From May 14-15, our 5x5K participants will join five LIVE 5Ks where 5x5K FOR GOOD participants all over the country can run or walk together at the same time, with a running coach keeping them motivated and connected, all from the comfort of their own neighborhoods or treadmills.

For non-profits who are looking for a wholly immersive virtual experience, Charge Running also has a special program that’s open for applications, the Charge Running Charge for a Cause program. Read on for a short description of the program from our friends at Charge Running.

You can also learn more about Charge Running during a Facebook Live on Friday, 4/16, at 1 p.m. CT on the Events FOR GOOD Facebook page.

Charge for a Cause!

Throughout the USA, charities and non-profit organizations have suffered tremendously due to shutdowns and restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking the safety and health of their communities seriously, many organizations have been forced to cancel or postpone their fundraisers and events, the lifeblood of their altruistic missions. Without opportunities to raise much-needed funding and spread their mission’s message, organizations from coast to coast are struggling to continue all their incredibly positive work. Charge Running has taken decisive steps to help mitigate these fundraising challenges with their unique non-profit partners program, Charge for a Cause!

Through use of the exclusive Charge Running mobile app and LIVE virtual racing platform, the goal of Charge for a Cause is to continue to promote a healthy, positive, and connected community while supporting the amazing work of so many non-profit organizations around the country. Through live, virtual races open to all of an organization’s supporters (and more!), non-profits have a chance to fundraise through incredible events while continuing to keep their supporters and communities safe and healthy!

What separates Charge Running’s virtual races and events from the rest of the pack is the personalized, engaged, and dynamic experience presented to all participants. The races are truly live, real-time events hosted by experienced and energetic professional running coaches. Every race participant, no matter where they are, local or global, will feel the sense of community, energy, and encouragement that is so important to the event experience. Charities and non-profit organizations will have seemingly endless options to craft a perfect custom experience for their audience. Carefully scripted broadcast content. Specific coach messaging and participant shout-outs. Meaningful and impactful stories communicated live. All of these elements (and more!) result in increased awareness, increased donations, and an event to remember.

Charge for a Cause awards 501(c)3 organizations who have been effected by Covid-19 the opportunity to put on a virtual race event for FREE. The goal is to reverse the negative fundraising effects of COVID-19 on so many non-profit groups by choosing non-profits that could most benefit from a live virtual race event. Charge Running has already helped raise more than $3 million on behalf of non-profit organizations via virtual races, and that’s only the beginning! So far a few great beneficiaries of the Charge for a Cause program have been LUNGevity, Black Girls Run, and Girls on the Run Southeastern Connecticut. Your non-profit organization could be next!

Submit an application for your charity TODAY to be a beneficiary of the Charge for a Cause program. We’re here to help! Charge On!

If you’d like more information on how Event 360 can produce a live or hybrid event for your organization, contact us.

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