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Connecting communities in the fight against addiction.

We launched this signature series (initially branded as the Rise Up Against Addiction 5K) with Shatterproof in 2017. In the years since, we have helped them reach critical audiences impacted by addiction and use the event to create lasting relationships with constituents.

The Mission

Shatterproof works tirelessly to transform addiction treatment, eradicate addiction stigma, and empower communities. They were facing a challenge, however: How can they create a nationwide event series when they do not have local chapters or affiliates?

Shatterproof Event360

The Challenge

Our solution was to develop an efficient touring model in which event staff and equipment travel from city to city over the course of the event season, using a single truck to transport essential equipment and coordinating strategic asset shipping to each city. This approach minimized local rental costs and created uniformity in the event experience across locations.

We launched the Shatterproof signature event series in 2017, originally named the Rise Up Against Addiction 5K. Over the years, we’ve been instrumental in helping them engage with communities affected by addiction, building enduring relationships.

The series took a two-year break during the pandemic but made a strong return in 2022 under a new name, the Shatterproof Walk, complete with new branding and event elements.

Shatterproof Event360

“Event 360 allows our team to prioritize fundraising for our mission and the overall event experience for our participants. We couldn’t hold successful events without their support and are so thankful for everything they do to make our events look fantastic and run so smoothly.”

Kelsey Luchey, Senior Director of Fundraising Strategy and Operations

The Result

As we make our way between the 5-7 cities of the Shatterproof series each year, the hard work and impeccable attention to detail of our event pros helped make trucking assets from city to city across the country a breeze.

Overall, the work of our production team is top-of-the-line, tackling quick turnarounds for site layout changes and permits, as well as myriad new planning elements. Each challenge is met with the precision of a well-oiled machine, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  

Over five years, these events have raised more than $10 million to support Shatterproof’s mission. 

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