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Posted on December 5, 2019

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By Rene Tamayo

Last month, our event team completed the final Susan G. Komen 3-Day of the 2019 season. As always at the end of an event season, it provides a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished and evaluate what contributed to the success of the event series.

A critical element of that success is our Event 360 staff. Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with an amazing team of people who make creating, planning and executing our events their top priority throughout the year. They look beyond the basics of what needs to be done and strive to create events that surprise and delight our participants, client and the community that supports and surrounds us throughout the event weekends. These great people know that their contribution is an essential piece to the overall puzzle and that their efforts are critical to the success of the entire event series. They constantly evaluate the requirements of the event and strive to get it done in the most effective and efficient manner — even when it seems impossible to accomplish due to roadblocks in the way. They are people who will climb mountains for our company and a mission that is very close to their hearts. For this project, it is the mission to eradicate breast cancer that provides many with that extra inspiration to go above and beyond.

These people display four types of character traits that great team members have. I look for these traits in everyone I hire:

* Self-Starter — A person who goes beyond what their job description details, taking on the extra workload without needing to be asked in order to ensure a great participant experience.
* Team Player
— Someone who prioritizes the team and supports the success of the overall team.
* “Not About Me” — A person who’s not in it for themselves or personal recognition, but for those all around them and the mission, thinking of others first before themselves.
* Positive Motivator — Someone who can make the most of challenging times, acknowledging the rough road ahead, but quickly moving past the negative, finding solutions and creating options to define a successful path forward.

At Event 360, Inc., “Great People” is the first of the six values that we as a company embrace and prioritize as we work through the year with our clients, vendors and participants. In the hiring process, we look for these traits to ensure that we are staying true to our values as we look to be leaders, day in and day out, in the event industry.

Rene Tamayo brings to the Event 360 team more than 15 years of experience in the event industry. As the Event Operations Senior Manager, he oversees all aspects of event production including staffing, management and execution. 

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