An “Unprecedented” Year

When I think of Event 360 lore, one of my very favorite traditions is the Thanksgiving Day email Event 360 co-founder Mike “Murph” Murphy sends to the whole company. Every year, I hole up by myself for a few minutes to escape the toasty kitchen, my extended family and turkey……

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Happy 18th Birthday, Event 360!

Happy birthday, mighty Event 360! As we approach our 18th birthday on November 27th, we’re excited to take a moment and reflect on this special place that so many have called “home” since its founding in 2002. Not many small businesses reach the “old enough to vote” milestone, and our……

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Event Security Innovations in 2021

Since large gatherings always carry some sort of risk, it's best to muster all our technological nous to ensure that we will never have to deal with some tragedies that happened in the past. Of course, ensuring that such pow-wows go without accidents is not easy but thankfully, technology is……

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We’re Ready for Live Events

Friday, October 16 was a big day for our team. It marked our return to putting on live, in-person events. What was only an idea 90 days ago became a real thing. By 7pm that Friday, the inaugural 5x5K FOR GOOD Denver was all built and ready to welcome…

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One Week Until Event Day

We are thrilled to share that we are one week away from event day. Event day. EVENT DAY. Something we were not sure would ever get to happen in 2020. Our hearts and minds are racing with the adrenaline that only a live, in-person event can bring. In this…

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Fundraising in the time of COVID-19

By Molly Fast It’s no secret that fundraising in light of COVID-19 is significantly challenging. We’ve all seen the devastation this pandemic has caused to the event fundraising space. During the early months – March and April – no one really knew how long we were going to be in……

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A New 5K for a New Era

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” The P2P fundraising event industry is going through a time of uncertainty like never before. With mass gatherings halted in markets large and small, non-profits are scrambling to postpone, cancel, or virtualize their runs, walks, rides, and…

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7 Easy Tech Tips to Make Life Simpler

By Jane Kramer Straight from the desk of one of our IT pros (and including some crowdsourced favs from colleagues), enjoy seven tips to make your work and home life more manageable. Use a password manager app. There are many apps available to help you keep your passwords safe,…

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Infographic Round-Up

by Joann Buckley Collins If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely an infographic is worth ten times that. We’ve distilled some of our blog posts into easy-to-read, single-page graphics that get the point across quickly. Check out some of our most popular: 10 Lessons… Read…

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Great People, Big Impact!

2023 has already proven to be a big year for Event 360. From having…

Where in the World is Event 360? (Again!)

The excitement is palpable as we gear up for Pancreatic Cancer…

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