New Season…New Thinking

By Rene Tamayo For people like myself and most of my team who have been working in the event production industry for many years – and especially with one client and event series – it becomes easy to allow ourselves to operate on “auto-pilot” as we work through our planning days……

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Music to our Ears – Booking Event Talent

By Janelle Banuska With the ever-competitive world of events, investing time and resources in booking top-notch talent for a musical performance can definitely impact your attendance and overall event results, or as we like to say in the music biz…”kick things up to eleven.” Given different genres and…

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Community Management 101: Don’t Feed the Trolls

By Alyssa Curran Ah, the internet. The birthplace of endless cat memes, double rainbows, not-quite-birthing giraffe live feeds and a source of limitless information on any topic you so desire. If you’re lucky enough to manage social media for a public figure, brand page, organization or even yourself, you’ve likely……

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P2P Forum Conference Recap

By Libby Riordan and Susan Wynne Last week we attended the P2P conference held in Atlanta. The P2P Conference brings together world changers who use peer-to-peer fundraising events (think all those runs, walks and rides that you hear about) and helps them learn from and share with the best in……

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Ride with GPS

By Meredith Parker Who knew that five simple letters could make event planning so much easier? Ride with GPS (RWGPS) is a software solution originally designed for cyclists. Founded in 2007 by co-owners Zack Ham and Cullen King, RWGPS allows cyclists to plan and find cycling routes. Read…

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The Event 360 Impact by the Numbers

By Tim Brockman As we quickly approach the beginning of the 2017 event season, my travel quickly starts to increase, which requires lots of time in airports, hotels and on planes. Inevitably, maybe because of my size, people always want to know, “what do you do?” Most I…

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The 2017 P2P Forum Conference is Almost Here!

The final countdown is on for the 2017 P2P Forum Conference in Atlanta! On March 1-2, our team will join 500 of our industry friends to talk trends, opportunities, and what’s working in the peer-to-peer fundraising event space. Wednesday Highlights On Day 1, we’re proud to present the…

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More than Kindergarten Artwork

By Libby Riordan How many event bags do you have in your closet? Better yet, do you use them? If you are anything like me, and many event participants, your stack of unused event swag is growing and you never see the bottom of the stack. It’s great to receive……

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Take Time to Take Stock

By Rene Tamayo As we are in the middle of intensive planning for the upcoming event season, I’d like to reflect on the prior season and highlight four great reasons for emphasizing post-event clean-up and inventory as crucial elements to the success of your overall event. Over the years, my……

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How to create a great internal team

We occasionally ponder about how lucky we are to work with people who are great at what they do – not just consummate professionals but people who are fun to hang out with after the last barricade is loaded on the truck. We have a number of staff who have……

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Creative that converts

By Jessica Kinsella At Event 360 we are all about partnering with our clients to create compelling creative campaigns that deliver results. But before clicking a mouse or painting pixels we start our creative process with identifying a few key points: First establish a goal for the campaign.

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A Virtual Office is Our Reality

By Devin Trezise If there’s anything we’ve learned from working at Event 360, it’s that on-event communication is crucial. But what about our virtual communication when we aren’t face-to-face? Since roughly 90% of our workforce is either on the road or working remotely, Event 360 employees… Read More

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Sometimes You Have To Think Upside-Down

By Mike Murphy If you produce events, especially athletic, it’s likely you’ve been involved in a cycling event. And if you’ve been involved in a cycling event, you’ve probably had to transport bikes at one time or another. Over the years, bike transport is one of the things I’ve never……

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Partner Spotlight: HP Productions, Inc.

By far one of the most important parts of your event is signage. It’s significant for a number of reasons: making the event memorable, promoting your cause, brand awareness and simple logistics. At Event 360 we know the importance of a clean looking event through our signs which is…

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