By Joann Collins

A fundraising event is not a fundraising event without fundraisers. You need #1, People to participate and #2, Participants to fundraise. Even the most well-produced, flawless, innovative event cannot achieve those two goals completely on its own. You need to communicate to your audience to spark their interest and then solidify their support. That’s why one of the key pillar services we offer as part of 360live+ is 360comms+. Communications is more than just email. That’s why we take a 360 approach to your event’s participant recruitment and retention efforts. It includes the tech your supporters interact with before and during the event — text messaging, website, social feeds, and mobile apps if you have one. Every single touchpoint should work to improve the customer experience, increase satisfaction, boost fundraising, and convert and retain participants. So each aspect of our 360comms+ services works hard to improve your peer-to-peer communication flow, pre-event and on-event technology, and overall customer service. What does this look like in practice? Here’s a practical example: When creating and producing our new event series, the 5x5K FOR GOOD, we used technology to not only manage event communications, but on-event functions and overall experience.

  • Pre-event communication: we used consistent, well-timed emails paired with an integrated texting campaign to ensure participants were engaged and excited for event weekend.
  • Frictionless check-in: not only did we utilize QR codes to keep check-in contactless, the check-in process automatically triggered a text to each participant with a link to their designated route map.
  • App-guided routes: each 5K route included a GPS route and map powered by RunGO which included turn-by-turn audio cues for each route. This allowed for maximum social distance on-event. Participants could start the route whenever they wanted and finish at their own pace.
  • On-event text support: for all participants, virtual or in-person, our team was standing by to provide two-way texting support with each of our DO GOODers.

What this could look like for your event depends on the unique needs of your organization and your participants. Our 360comms+ is by no means a one-size-fits-all service. So contact us today to find out more about how we could help support and grow your event, and bring your communications into the new year with a new approach. Or, if you’re attending the P2P Forum Conference next month, be sure to check out Monday’s skill-building session: Is My Communication Plan Really Working? And How Do I Fix It? We’ll be joining the team at Cathexis Partners and Susan G. Komen to take attendees step by step through the development of a successful email campaign.

Joann Buckley Collins
A graduate of Northwestern University and the University of Southern California, Joann Buckley Collins has been writing and implementing communications for nonprofits for more than 20 years. She’s been Event 360’s Senior Copywriter since 2004, bringing her expertise as both a writer and a strategist to our clients. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.
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